Friday, August 10, 2007

I do still knit!

Ok, I haven't been showing off much knitting. To be honest, I'm more obsessed with spinning right now then knitting. I have no pictures of the spinning, but on Sunday I did take some pictures of my FOs as my moms place (who has a beautiful garden to take pictures at!).

First of all, something I finished long time ago (don't remember when I started it, but I do remember finishing it on the way to The Netherlands back in May!).


Pattern : Shedir from Knitty
Yarn : Rowan Calmer (don't remember the colour, have to check)
Needles : 3.25mm addi turbo

This was a fun knit! I like the cap a lot but for me it should have been a bit longer. That is, I like it to cover me ears completely. I have a big head, and with all my hear a hat usually doesn't cover my ears as I want it too. I think I should have done another repeat but then I wouldn't have had enough yarn to do so. I might consider doing one in Black as well. For those cold mornings in late Summer and early Autumn when I take my bike to the station.

I do plan on knitting one of these in wool, like here (Eunny did it, so it should be good, right?). And then maybe a scarf to go along?

And then, the socks showed up! I had thrown them aside among some fiber and didn't remember.

Cotton socks

Pattern : from Sensational Knitted socks, a ribbed pattern
Yarn : Opal Petticoat Cotton
Needles : 2.00mm addi turbo

Started/finished :I don't remember as usual!

I wanted a really stretchy ribbing for these socks as I heard that the cotton content can make the socks slouchy. They are almost perfect now! I say almost as I made the foot a tat bit short to be really comfortable, but they might stretch a little. I do like these socks a lot, though I will always be more of a wool knitter then a cotton knitter!

Remember that I joined the 52pairplunge? Well, I'm immensively behind and I don't think I'll be able to catch up. :( This cotton pair was my 9th pair of socks since April, and counting I should have 16 pairs of socks by now (not counting august). I might have to consider knitting some sport/DK weight socks. I usually don't do that but I have a lot of yarn in that weight so I might just. I want to do some colour socks like this pair, but I need more sport weight yarn in Black! I've been trying to think if I have anything suitable in my stash, but I don't. I promissed myself not to order any yarn, but I love doing my socks with a variegated and a black yarn, so I'll just have to. I like Baby Ull, but I'll see what possibilities I have!

Handspun yarn pictures over the weekend!

Ps.: We're having true Autumn weather over here with clouds, rain and temps as low as 15°C during the day, so it's a pleasure to work with wool. Did I ever mention I don't like Summer?


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