Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's almost Fall!

And my energy is returning big time! The last couple of weeks it has been quite cold out here. Like sweater and heat in the evening cold. We've been sitting in front of the fireplace quite a few evenings - and the older doggy and me sit quite close to it! :D - and I've been tempted to put the heating on more then once. I did yesterday evening and I forgot to turn it out again, so it's still on. Especially at night it gets cold!

But I love it! More and more I realize I'm a Autumn/Winter person more then anything! I hate Summer, and I feel so much more alive when the weather starts turning again. More energy and inspiration. I just love this period of the year. I realized it big time this morning sitting in a meeting (which was horrible) and just looking outside. The clear blue sky and the sun but the heating already on inside. Just perfect!

My fingers itch to knit more, to write letters, to read books and to take walks outside. Yes, take walks. I hate this in Summer, but the colder it gets the more I like cuddling in sweaters, a vet and a scarf and go out.

Now one big thing is that I need more hats. I started to take my bike to the station again (first time after my accident in July) and I had a crushing headache getting there, 2 days in a row. I just need to cover up my ears or my head splits. So knitting it'll be! But most hats I have don't cover my ears properly, like Shedir I knitted back in May. Many people need to cut a repeat in that pattern, I need to add one for the hat to cover my ears. So another one is planned soon. Will try to get the yarn tomorrow. It's Calmer of course, but it's still kinda "Summer" and it just needs to cover the ears, not warm them. Of course I might get some Felted Tweed for another one, 'cause I like the ones I saw in it so far. We'll see.

I also want more scarfs and gloves. And sweaters, and socks. Can I please switch to knitting full time then? :D Let's just get from behind the computer and take up the needles again!


Anonymous Susie said...

Me too. I live in northern Michigan (northern US) and today is the perfect knitting and spinning day. It's 58F and breezy, and although it's overcast, it's simply wonderful weather. I look so forward to the snow.

I'm a de-lurking reader, btw, have you in my Bloglines list, and greatly admire your handwork. Your spinning is wonderful!

:::back to lurking:::

8:59 PM  

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