Thursday, September 06, 2007

Christmas Knitting

Yes, Christmas knitting. Not only am I think of it now - as opposed to cranking out a few things at the beginning of december, till about 5 minutes after gifts - but I am actually considering knitting gifts!

Last year I swore I would not do anymore Xmas knitting. I don't have the family to appreciate my handknits, so why knit for them? Well, my boyfriend loves the socks and keeps asking for a sweater, in his own not so super way. My aunt loved both the gifts I made here. She kept repeating how much she loved the felted "boots" I made her 2 years ago, and she was really happy with the scarf last year. My mom does wear the handknits though she never mentions it, and my youngest sister actually loved the pair of socks I knit her a few months back. She had brought the yarn back from Spain, that might be part of the liking.

Anyway, I have been planning the gifts but I'll see where I get. No obligations.

- Grandfather : as many handknit socks as I can manage :D
- Grandmother(s) : shawl out of thicker yarn (maybe for both, but for sure for one)
- Mother : socks? shawl? not sure yet
- Sisters : socks for sure, maybe a pair of endpaper mitts for S as she didn't get any last year
- Boyfriend : Socks, the promiss of a sweater
- Uncle : pair of hunting socks, most likely out of DK weight yarn :D
- Aunt : no idea yet

To conclude the list I would also like to knit gifts for the 2 ladies at my LYS, like I did last year. I know this list is almost impossible. To help me a bit I got this :

More yarn ...

Recognize the needles? I needed some more addi turbo needles (I have plenty but my obsession with starting projects and my lack of obsession for finishing them makes I'm always out of needles, plus I seem to have misplaces some ...), so I ordered some addi lace needles as well. Never enough needles.

I ordered the sock yarn for socks for the boyfriend and grandfather. It's all 6ply (and 8ply!) so it'll knit up quickly. And they both won't mind thicker socks. I also ordered some black 6ply (not in the picture) for socks for me, to use in colourwork. Again, thick and quick socks. I got Regia and Online to compare the quality, to get more in the future. I'll compare it with Dale of Norway Baby Ull, which I already used for socks. We'll see.

That being it for today, I need to get more knitting done! :D


Blogger Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Oh boy, do I ever understand that obsession you mentioned ;D The one about starting but not finishing projects....that is me, too!

I love your spining for your last post ~ those look like some beautiful fibers! Has your big box from Michigan arrived yet?

Hugs, Cary at Serenity Farms

8:02 PM  

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