Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I've been addicted to my spinning again the last couple of weeks! It's been so much fun and my yarn is finally getting finer then before. I might make it to a fingering weight (2ply) in the near future!

Anyway, here are the 2 yarns I finished recently, both from club fiber (both from Spunky Club fiber to be exact)

Nightshade 01

Nightshade, the May fiber. It's Coopworth sliver to be exact.

4 oz, about 275meters (about 300yards), which is about sport weight, 2ply

This is a rather easy fiber to spin as it's quite rough. I didn't mind. The only thing I did mind was the bleeding of the dark colours. My hands were completely black after spinning/plying it. I hope it's settled now and this will become socks.

Celebration 04

Celebrations, July fiber. Shetland wool

4 oz, about 300meters (approx. 330 yards), so light sport weight, 2ply

I loved spinning this fiber! Could have been finer, but I didn't pay much attention. I also just split the roving in half, predrafter and spun. That's why the 2 skeins are so different from eachother.

Celebration 06

I'm still not sure how to knit this up. There are 3 possibilities :
- knit 2 completely different socks, one from each skein, and see them as a pair.
- knit the ribbing, heel and toe from each sock from one ball, the rest of the sock from the other. For the second sock use the balls the other way round.
- knit in stripes, like 5 rows from one ball and then 5 from the other ball.

As you can see I am planning on starting these soon. My yarn is quite thick and uneven so I might try to knit these with 2.75mm needles.

I tried taking some "artsy" pictures from my yarn. I love the ones in the Fiberlicious group! But I'm not good at taking artsy pictures, and as I already have plenty on my plate I'm not going to invest time or money in photo equipment right now.

Celebration 03

Celebration 02

These will do for now. I have to go, it's a public holiday and when the boyfriend is home he wants my full attention! (He's already yelling for me!)


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