Friday, September 21, 2007

The good things about Ravelry

Given, it's as addictive as most of you think it is (and most of you know it is once you are in!). But I'm sure it'll pass again for me once I have put up all my projects - FOs and WIPs - and so on. I don't think I'll ever be able to add all my stash, and I don't think I want to as I'm afraid I'm about the one with the biggest stash. :S Even the thought of starting this scares the hell out of me!

Anyway, I've been slowly adding all the projects I finished since starting the blog. There is no use looking at what I finished before as I have no pictures or anything. I think I knitted a few scarfs and one pair of socks before starting the blog so I'm not missing that much.

Going through the blog to collect pictures of the FOs and information, I started realizing I used to be a fairly quick knitter. I usually finished one or two pairs of socks and one other thing during a month. Now months go by without me finishing anything, though I am knitting! Could it be I have to many projects on the needles at the moment? *hiding here*

I don't even want to count the ammount of projects I have going right now. There are - I think - 2 projects that will probably never get finished. But I just can't get myself to rip them (or throw them out, in case of one lace project I don't think I can rip).

The other projects are all ongoing, or stalled, but with the intention to finish them. I should do that.

So, good intentions. I want to finish a few things this month, or at least try. No socks though. As I like the idea of Socktober I'll save that month to finish all the socks and maybe knit a few extras. I have 2 pairs of socks that are in a quite advanced state (one sock done), one sock that I'm at the foot (for the boyfriend, so big feet), one sock that no longer has needles and I just need to rewind the yarn as I don't plan on knitting these socks with this yarn, and one sock that has just the ribbing started but I don't think I'll finish it. Oh, and one pair I haven't knit on in about 2 years. I remembered it when putting my list of at Ravelry. The thing is I already did the ribbing of the second sock, and it's plain stockinette, so I should just finish it.

I also want to start a gazilion amount of other socks. But no starting now, before other things are finished.

This weekend I need to finish 2 babyhats my mom asked. I might knit a third one for a friend who should be giving birth any moment now. I started one last night and I think I can finish this one and another one tonight if I don't turn on the computer. Thing is I would have brought them on the train if it wasn't for the huge balls of yarn (I get this yarn in big skeins of 400 grams and wind them in one ball, so those are huge!).

Then I want to knit some more on my Lorelei sweater and maybe finish a lace shawl. No rushing. Oh, and I need to knit a felted bag for my LYS lady. The bag I should do over the weekend, the other stuff is for the month of September.

Can you imagine I have one sweater - Raspy from Rowan Denim - that only needs sleeves and one sweater - Glee from Zephyr Style - that needs only one sleeve? Both are just stockinette! Oh, what to do?

They say we might have temps up into the 20-ies over the weekend. Not to happy about that. I want cold weather!

*Edit* I'm a big fat lier! :D I was on Ravelry again and I saw that I have a little more socks on the needles then I claimed. There are the pairs I started for every project spectrum colour-combination. The Winter socks in Blue, white and grey (barely at the leg of the first sock), the Vine socks in green & yellow/pink (just past the heel of the first sock) and the black en red sock (just pas the ribbing of the first sock). I might have other socks hiding in corners of my house. I'll let you know later ...


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