Saturday, August 04, 2007

Reading finished early

I finished the book last night, or better, early this morning (at 3am). A record reading for me, if you count that I had to work yesterday (Yeah, I have devoured books like this before, as a teenager I could hardly pack enough books to last me through a holiday).

To my great surprise I'm more "involved" in the books then I thought I was. Though I'm all for series actually ending (both in books and on tv) and not going on and on and on, I know I'll really miss the stories of Harry. I think it's mostly because of the little part it gave me into a childhood with actual friends, which I never had. And - big confession here - maybe the love that shows in the last 2 books, which I never really knew that way.

Then I was also really, really upset by a death at the end of the book. I hope I'm not spoiling it for someone here, as we all knew people would die in the end of this book. But this one death upset me so much (tears are in my eyes again and I don't know why this is happening).

I also found it nice to read this web chat J.K.Rowling did. Gave me some answeres I needed to know. To my surprise I had a really hard time imagining what happened to all the characters and I wasn't satisfied with the book or with my own thoughts of futures.

And with this I will end my babbling about HP on my blog. Posting about knitting should resume soon! (I'm off to take a nap, and maybe try to get over my sadness a bit).

Ps.: PJ mentionned the HP pattern book that was released a couple of months back. I'm going to honest here and tell you I'm not interested in it. The socks/scarf I will design myself, and so will I do with the other things I want to knit. I'm not someone who would knit other "witch" or HP stuff, sorry.


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