Friday, August 03, 2007

Harry Potter

Oh yeah, I'm a fan! :D I just thought I'd let you all know there won't be any knitting content for sure till after the weekend!

I've been a fan for quite a few years, but mostly a fan of the books. Though I know they are not considered high standard writing and were originally ment for children, they are an escape for me from reality and god knows how much I needed that in the past years! I still like to get absorbed in a book and forget all around me. I don't do much about all the fuss around Harry Potter. I started watching the movies but with the known fact that they would never be nearly as good as the books. And so far I have not been part of any of the craze around HP.

I am considering knitting up a pair of socks and maybe a scarf in the Gryffindor colours, and I am inspired by the things Hermoine has been wearing in the last movie. But I have to add that I recently got a lot of inspiration from movies (still have to knit that first self designed sweater though! maybe I can finish a sweater first, that would be nice). But apart from this I have no interest whatsoever in any of the stuff surrounding HP.

I started rereading the books starting from book 4 at the beginning of July. The main goal was to reread HP5 before the movie and HP 6 before the new book. I didn't finish HP 4 before the movie (with the accident and all) and finished it in Portugal. I started reading HP6 there and picked up HP7 at the airport at the way back home. I admit I couldn't keep myself from reading the last few pages. I know, I know, not a good thing. It's the first time ever I've done that with a book. But I knew that by doing this I would take my time to finish HP6 which I hardly remembered anything about. And I did. I finished HP6 yesterday, sucked up again by the books. And I started HP7 at about 6pm. Had to stop reading at 6.30, started again at 9 and stopped reading at 1.30am! I'm 1/3rd into the book now and would read the whole day if I could. I'm obsessed. I have to work though today. I don't plan watching any tele tonight and just read. And read again on Saturday, hopefully the book'll be finished by tomorrow evening so I can go back to knitting! :D

Well, I just wanted to share this. I won't be saying anything about the books. I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. It's already bothering me that some post shot comments about it, and I didn't want to know that. Ok, never mind.

I'm off to work some, maybe I'll find some sneak moments to read! :D


Blogger PJ said...

I bought the book called: "Charmed Knits" My daughter would like a few things out of it! I should get going before winter starts!

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