Monday, January 09, 2006

Awful day

I was planning on posting a long update tonight, as there is quite a little to tell you all, but then I happened to loose another cell. Yes, another. It's like almost a year since I lost one (that one probably got stolen). My following one was a really bad one and so I decided on spending almost €300 on a new one, one to last me a couple of years. I bought it less then 2 weeks ago. And today I lost it. I just lost it! I'm in tears, upset, with a major headache. I'm feeling so bad. I loved this cell. The best one I had had for ages. Gone. Gone. :'( Another update when I'm feeling a bit better ...


Blogger Allena said...

sorry about your cell, have you tried calling it to see if anyone answers it? or maybe it's in the couch or something...
hope you find it.

2:47 PM  

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