Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's Sunday and I 'm alone the whole day, but I haven't gotten around much I wanted to do. Well, I did sleep a lot, and I'm not regretting that, but somehow I should start to do more and sleep less.

The weather cooled down big time, it was about 8°C during the day yesterday (no clue how cold it is now, but it's cold). I'm enjoying this weather so much! I hope it keeps getting colder, but we never really have super cold Winters, we hardly ever have snow, so I'm not having to high hopes.

Anyway, Thursday I finished a pair of socks! My train socks actually (I always have a project I keep for my train rides and the lunch breaks at work, so they usually advance rather slowly). Here they are :

Can be worn up like this ...

Or down like this one! :D

Stats : Handdeyed sock yarn from Hello Yarn, based on Autumn Leaves pattern in SocksSocksSocks. The foor is knit top down after casting on with an invisible cast on on 2.25mm circulars, and the rest of the leg is knit up on 2.5mm addi turbos. It's a k2p2 ribbing all over and I casted on 72 stitches. I LOVE them! They are snug and warm and just perfect! Maybe I would cast on a few more stitches in the future and make the foot a tiny bit longer, but other then that I'm loving them!

Having finished these I have no clue what I'll be taking on the train tomorrow. I might take the Mog-Socks to finish the foot of the first sock, or the shawl I'm working on. This one :

It's knitted in an angora blend (I think it's 70% angora or something). I'm knitting it for a patient at the clinic my mom works at. She wanted Kaki but the store didn't have any so I decided to dye up some white angora. I turned out so nice! I found the stitch pattern somewhere online and was a bit afraid how it would turn out, but it's very drapy and lovely! I'll have a hard time giving it away! I really would love to keep this for myself, but the girl will be paying me so I have to shut up. *grin* I'm almost done with the second ball, so only one more to go. Hope to finish this up soon, I have so many projects I urgently need to work on! Better get going!

I baked waffles most of the evening. Yuck, I hate it. It's boyfriends birthday today (he's out all day with his mates) and he wants to have waffles for all the people here at the business tomorrow at noon, so I had to bake them today. It's a relief to be done with them!

Ok, off now for some more knitting!

Ps.: I found a new addiction to Audiobooks. I missed reading so much and this way I can combine reading and knitting. I read the 2 books from Debbie Macomber ("A Good Yarn" and "The shop on Blossom Street"), well listened to, and I loved it as it was fairly light. I'm now downloading "The Nanny Diaries". Any suggestions for other books more then welcome! I love almost everything, but prefer thrillers and detectives, plus the light "romance" like the Macomber books. Oh, and anyone who can share the first Narnia book with me would be a sweety as I can't purchase it (don't ask me why!).


Anonymous Sandra said...

Oh, what a great coloure of your shawl; just like seafruit!(I eat seafruits - so I know).
And great work on socks - I am revy, very new in this socl world, but I can tell for sure I am going to make a pair for a month in the future.
P.S. Have you try "Vegeta" (spice in blue envelope), or tea?

7:23 AM  

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