Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just a quick update to let you all know I'm doing ok. My boyfriend and I are still together and seem to be doing quite well these days. We are spending more quality time together and are trying to work on all our problems!

Tonight is another bad night though. I had a great 4-day weekend with lots of relaxing (and some knitting) but today was just a horrible meet up with reality. I can no longer keep doing the job I'm doing right now, it's not only boring but it's just plain horrible and my boss will never accept me for who I am. He basically hates me. I really need a kick in the ass and start applying for new jobs. There are a few I'm interested in, I'm just lacking the energy to write the letters. Oh, and I'm having a big headache tonight, so I'll be collapsing on the couch after I finish this entry, with some possible knitting.

I have no pictures, but can do a little update. I finished the back for Arisaig and casted on for the fronts (both at the same time) but I will probably start the cardigan for my grandfather first as it has to be ready by Christmas. I'm also working on the socks for Mog :D they are coming along slowly but ok. Luckily the deathline for the SET exchange has been moved to November 20th. I'm also working on the MysteryShawlAlong2 which is looking nice. It's my first actual lace scarf and I'm loving it. I might give this one to my grandmother for Christmas. I won't wear it myself - I just LOVE knitting them! - plus I wanted to knit her a shawl anyway. And I have 2 various pairs of socks on the needles, one almost finished, one just started (needed some simple socks to knit during the movie we went to Monday evening).

Projects I urgently need to start : 4 toddler hats, 2 pairs of felted slippers/Fuzzyfeet (for Christmas), the above mentionned cardigan, and a pair of fingerless gloves I have on order from someone. Oh, and a pair of fingerless gloves that reaches up to the elbow for another person. To many projects? Yeah, probably. I even forgot to mention the socks for 2 KAL that need to be finished this month. Hmm, I'll need a kick in the ass here.

Oh, I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon (UK). They chipped all books on Oct. 20. They shipped one (Knitting Vintage Socks from Nancy Bush) seperately and it arrived shortly after. The 8 or 9 other books that shipped together at the same day, didn't make it here yet and I'm really starting to get worried! For once I order a big amount of books and then this happens! :( Ugg!

Off now, to knit in front of the tele, half asleep or so!


Anonymous Donyale said...

Hi Emily - don't rush mine - remember it is summer over here so I won't be able to wear them much yet :( please don't rush for Nov 20 - enjoy what other projects you have and I will enjoy my socks later on. Glad to hear things are back on track.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

glad you are "back" again :) SP E :)

3:47 PM  
Blogger blueadt said...

I'm glad to here that you're trying to make it work. We've been having a rough time as well so you're not alone.

1:02 AM  

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