Friday, October 07, 2005

Big update!

Did anyone miss me? I don't think so, but it might just be that someone out there is regularly checking my blog (except for my SP6 *waving* who has no choice but to check here every now and then!). I'm doing ok, I've been knitting, I just had no good pictures to show as I didn't see much daylight the last couple of days/weeks. Yeah, I'm up during the day, but hardly at home. Today wasn't a super day to take pics either as it has been misty up till noon (well, visability less then 100m, what you call misty) and it's still grey. Moisty grey. I don't mind.

I have an unexpected day off from work (not payed though) as half of this country decided to go on strike. The whole train network is down so as that's my main transportation to work I couldn't go. I could have taken my car but as half of the people working in Brussels would do that and I didn't want to be in a trafic jam for half the day I decided not to go in at all. No use either as none of the students were coming in and I hardly have anything to do when they are around, let alone when they aren't there. I called this morning and apparently my boss was the only one who made it in today.

Anyway, let's just get started, right?

First of all, an FO!!

These are the "Hooray for me gloves" knitted in Regia color on 2.5mm needles. The colours in the first pic are the most accurate, these are really "army-colours". I love Fingerless gloves and I already have the next pair in mind! These were knitted in about 2 weeks, only on the train. Like them!


* Clapotis : almost finished, would really like to finish it by tonight to wear to go to the play my mom is in, but I'm not sure. This will look great!

* Feather and Fan socks : I'm knitting these in Regia Silk (white) and 2 at the same time on one circular. I turned the heel on both, hope to finish them soon. This yarn is just heavenly to knit with!

* Socks for Mog : for the SET, not knitted much on these, almost done with the first pattern repeat, really need to work on them!

* Arisaig : only just started, really need to get going on it!

* Branching out scarf : the first of my Christmas gifts, for my grandmother, on hold for a little

Oh, and there's the start of one more pair of socks, will become my train project.

Soon to knit

Next to socks (those from the KAL's I'm in) there are also a lot of sweaters in my knitting future, and some lace scarfs. I got some wonderful yarn through shopping and all, and I can't wait to start! You will hear more of this soon!


I did get quite a few packages the last couple of days, so here they are :

From Amanda , because I helped her out with some iTunes stuff. Thank you sooo much dear! I love it all! Amazing this showed up, after 2 months of traveling! :D

From the lovely Sandra because I sent her some acrylic! Dear, you shouldn't have done this! I certainly need to send you some more stuff 'cause this is way to great! Thank you! (on the right are I think some herbs. Sandra? I really can't read the packages! They do smell strong!)

From my lovely SP6! I love everything so much! The book is great, can't wait to read it, and the sock yarn will be used! Oh, and there was a printed pattern as well which I didn't include. Thank you dear!

Lots of lovely silk I ordered online! Scarfs and spinning in my future! :D

Stitch markers for the Stitch marker swap! Love them all, thank you!!

As for me, I need to send out packages to my SP6 and my last Stitch marker pall. I wanted to do that today but with a lot of other services the PO is on strike today (over here), so there's no use in mailing this out before Monday. Things will travel then!

I did go shopping for my SP6 yesterday and couldn't resist buying some stuff for myself! More about that later. Now one more thing.

For Quiddity's sock contest :

From top left : Boyfriends socks, Amble socks, Stashbuster stripes, Friday Harbor

Second row from left : first pair ever knit, Crusoe, Dublin Bay, anklets

Bottom : one sock which should become a pair, children socks for no special baby just yet

Not in the picture : Chutes 'n Ladders (gifted to my mom as they were to small for me), anklets for my sister, baby socks for a friend, kids socks for a online pal

I'm currently working on 3 more pairs, though one is to be gifted away! :D

Not nearly as impressive as some others (check out the Sockbugs socks!) but still, I'm proud!

Off to knit some!


Blogger laurie said...

*waves from across the pond* i've missed you...been checking up periodically (since bloglines isn't the most reliable grr) to see if you're still alive...good to know you are and a busy bee too ;o)

hope the strike gets sorted soon...sounds like a pain in the backside :o(

8:54 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

yay! it finally showed up! i do hope you enjoy the koigu!!!

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Rox said...

Of course you were missed!

What a haul of gifties and buys! Diggin' the fingerless gloves!

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

Finally! I was really affraid my package has been lost! I am in Bjelovar and have no connections with internet!

Yellow envelope is herb for tea for your troath problems.
Blue one is spice for everyday meals (substitute for solt)

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Dani said...

Whats this you think no one checks your blog? OF COURSE I come check in on my wonderfully generous former SP =)

Such wonderful (well deserved!) gifties you got my dear!

Even though I posted on my blog when it arrived, I neglected to come thank you proper for my last package of wonderful things - I LOVE that handknit bag you made me, I am honored indeed!! I am about to go post pics on my blog and realized I hadnt thanks you directly! Please forgive my unintentional rudeness!!

Hope all is well!!

9:53 PM  

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