Tuesday, September 20, 2005


As said I would be selling some of the yarn I won't be using any time soon. It's partly stash reducing of course.
As promissed, half of the proceeds of this yarn will go to a Katarina Relief fund (not yet sure which). The other half will be used to buy wool to knit a warm cardigan for my sweet grandfather. So please help me out here!
Following items do not include shipping! Remember that I live in Belgium (Europe). Mail me for shipping, it depends on the yarn. Plus, you can choose between priority (3 days to one week) or non-priority (3 weeks), (and those are for international shipping, inside Europe goes faster).
Here we go :
Krystal (Italian Fashion yarn)
45% acryl, 35% mohair, 20% New Wool
Machine wash
needle size 4 1/2 - 5 mm
50gr (1 oz 3/4) = 160m (176 yards)
2 balls shown, but I can send up to 3 balls if interested
Retailes at about 7$, will sell for 5$.
Schachenmayr Hair
65% mohair, 35% Acryl
needle size 4 - 5 mm
50 gr = 190m
I have 6 balls of this
Retails for 15$, I ask 10$ per ball
(if you take all 6 I'll pay shipping)
Enough for a sweater!
French LandWool
100% wool
Will felt, though not easily
needle size 3 - 4 mm (I suggest 5-6 mm, I think it's changed on the newer labels)
100 gr = 100m
Retails at 10$, I sell at 5$ per hank
4 hanks, all different colours (the last one is really dark burgundary/red, not black)
This one I have a hard time parting with! You won't find this in a store! Though it's kinda special, it's 100% yarn for sure, handdyed and from a cone. It's originally made for French couturiers and so there is no label with it. I can assure you the quality!
100 grams of this retails for about 50$! I will sell for 30$ per 100 gram. I don't know how much this ball is, I guess it's somewhere between 100 and 200 gram. Just tell me if you want the whole ball or just 100 grams. It will look great for a scarf!
The colours are kinda blue and green, really nice, the colours for the coming fall and winter in Paris! As said, 100% pure wool so handwash only!
Most colours are quite accurate in the pictures!
I can only accept Paypal I'm afraid!
If interested, email me at rrej37 at hotmail dot com!


Anonymous staci said...

awwww too bad i have no money, i'd buy that last ball from you in a heart beat!!
miss you, email me or hop on msn if you get a chance

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Miki said...

is that $10 for all of that wool?

10:57 PM  

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