Friday, September 23, 2005

A quick update

I'll be writing more over the weekend, now I want to spend my quite unexpected night at home with some knitting.

Today I finished up the "Friday Harbor" socks from Knitting on the Road from Nancy Bush for the KOTR-KAL. I also made myself some blockers out of 2 old coat hangers. Not perfect, but they'll do the job. Sorry for the bad picture but it's dark quite early here these days.

I'm also knitting away on my socks for my SET pal, and it's not easy. Here is what I had a couple of days ago :

Will show more real soon! (And I'm still not ahppy with them ...)


Blogger Nederlass said...

Loving the design on those socks! I must must must try fair isle sometime. Or is that intarsia?
Eek, so much to learn... ;)


5:52 PM  
Anonymous Rox said...

absolutely gorgeous.

I am now officially reconsidering the sad plain socks that I am making for my SET pal.


9:01 PM  

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