Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lousy day

I'm not feeling to well. I've been making tapes for typing lessons all day and I have a sore throat now. Coming home there was no mail at all. I'm awaiting 3 packages still, one was mailed at the beginning of July and it's probably lost (80$ worth of yarn :( so sad), a second one should have already been here too, and the third one will probably arrive any day now. I'm also awaiting a copy of an art magazine I ordered and some art materials, but those won't be here before next week I guess.

I'm hoping my KnitPicks order will be shipped soon, as I know the person recieving it for me (Adrian from Hello Yarn ) ships so quickly, I usually get my packages from her in a week or so!

We have to go to the opening of this big restaurant tonight. Not looking forward to it at all. Oh well ...


Anonymous Dani said...

International Wool Fairy, is that you? LOL I saw Belguim in your About section, and I am taking a leap of faith that you are the kind soul who has been spoiling me for the past 3 months!

THANK YOU for everything you have sent my way and for being such a fun and kind pal! I LOVE all my wonderful gifts and the notes youve sent and the comments on my blog =) You have been an outstanding SP!

I will be posting pictures of my reveal box tonight, although I have already posted I got the box and love the contents!

And BTW, how funny that Rebecca is sending stuff from KnitPIcks to you, she is a dear friend of mine, we go to SnB together! The world is indeed small!


9:16 PM  

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