Monday, August 22, 2005

Substituting yarn?

I could use some advise here. I want to knit a cardigan for my grandfather for Christmas. It's the Man's Cardigan from A close-knit Family by Melissa Leapman (I found this book at a great deal at a local bookstore). For the Cardigan I need Tahki Import's Donegal Tweed. I found the yarn online without any problems, but the big problem is the yarn can't be washed in the machine. Yeah, that's a big problem as my grandmother will not take the time to wash something by hand, she'll just throw everything in the machine and wash it together. I don't want to take that risk and so am looking for a superwash yarn I can use instead. I'm usually quite easygoing as for substituting yarn, but this is the first cardigan I'll be knitting (so far only socks, scarfs and mittens :D). I'm not worried about the knitting, I just want to make sure I take a proper yarn for my first big project! :D

So please, throw suggestions my way! Oh, and the yarn should be available in darker tones, not the bright ones. As far as I know my grandfather only wears greys, blues and dark greens. And I don't want to give him something he'll never wear.

Thanks all!


Anonymous Sandra said...

Hi, Rebecca! I got package today! See, your PO can be fast, too! Thank you very much. That is some very good acilyc, must say!

Please, tell me do you wanna total surprise from me, or you have something on you mind what you would like to get from Croatia. Can't wait to send a package for you!

7:12 PM  

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