Sunday, August 21, 2005

Almost forgot

Speaking about finished socks, I finished my stashbuster spirals last Friday! They are great though I should start taking better notes on the toes and all, 'cause the toe of the last sock feels a bit smaller then the one of the first sock, though it's not that obvious.

And I've been listening to the podcasts of KnitCast on my iPod, I really love it! If anyone knows anything else to listen to that's interesting, let me know! I would also like to know of those who listen to AudioBooks. Where do you get them? Do you get them for free? Any suggestions as for good books? I'm a fan of childrens literature, detectives, thrillers (to some extend), some fantasy and some romantic stuff. Oh well, just let me know, k?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get all my boooks through They have a subscription for $22/mo that gets you 2 books each month. Since the books typically cost $35-$50 each, it's a pretty good deal. They also keep an archive of all the books, so that if you want to download them again, you can.

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