Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm quite pissed with the PO today. Well, since yesterday to be honest. Why you ask? I'm tired of paying a bunch of money to send stuff/get stuff send to me, while the PO doesn't seem to bother at all. I mean, what do I pay them for then? Aren't they supposed to handle my stuff? And they keep complaining they are underpaid. Why the heck would we want to pay more if the service sucks? By the way, I think I already pay enough for my packages and letters to be sent around the world. No matter people are preferring Internet. If I could order yarn and have it send to me through my cable I would do it. I'm a big lover of the old fashion letters and mail. I love the quickness of the Internet, but there's something about getting a package on your doorstep or a letter in your mailbox (a letter that isn't a bill! :D). But the system is getting more and more unreliable while you would think it would get better. And I hate people that are dishonest. Please don't tell me a fucking package the size of a shoebox can get lost! It's not like it can fall between the cupboard and the wall!

Why my frustration? I had a package sent to me from Canada - yes, yarn - over a month ago and still no sign. I mailed out a big box of goodies 3 weeks ago (priority mail, paid a lot of shitty bucks!) and no sign of it in the US. There are several more packages out there either on their way to me or on their way to someone else. And I'm slowly loosing all my faith in the mail system. I should learn from all this and back off from ordering online, but there is so much beautifull stuff out there I want to have!!!

Ok, yeah, there isn't much more to tell. I went back to work today though I'm still not feeling 100%. I'm knitting away on my socks, I'm going to start some footlets today. We might - but it's a very slight chance - go to the movies tonight as we have free tickets that expire tomorrow, and I want an easy knit to have during the movie. I have my stashbuster spirals, but I don't seem myself managing 3 balls of yarn in a dark movie theater, I need to start a second sock of my Friday Harbor sock to start but I can't even start that pattern when watching tele. I have to rip the fairisle sock :( and start on the Amber sock from the 6socksKAL. I just don't have yarn for that. I died a lot of stuff yesterday including some sock yarn. I was hoping to get some blue/purple yarn, a light shade of it, for these Amber socks, but instead of a solid I got a variegated yarn! When I want a solid I don't get it, when I surely don't want solid I get it. What the ***?? So I either do them in something from my stash or try to find some yarn nearby. The local store that now sells Regia has solids but only greyish, and that's not really what I want. Maybe I need to try some other more local stores? Not sure yet.

Ok, off now, need some to do something, pictures over the weekend.


Blogger me myself and i said...

hey em! I hear you! I always send my packages with insurance and delivery confirmation so I know it got there...sigh!
Did you get my other email? I sent out the Knitpicks stuff. PO says you should have it in a week. I hope so.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your stitch markers are ready to go into the mail. (sorry, i'm so late!) but they look so tiny and lonely in that big there anything else you would like? i would love to include a few more things for you. :) anything you don't get in belgium from the US?
-your stitch marker SP

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops. by the way you can contact me via email! yourstitchmarkerSP [at] yahoo [dot] com

5:06 PM  

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