Sunday, August 21, 2005


I got so much done today! Though no knitting. :( But well, having done all this I'm sure I'll get quite some knitting done the coming weeks! :D

Yesterday I got started on putting together the stuff I got from Ikea for my yarn room. That room was a total mess! It's also going to be my sewing room, by the way. Anyhow, I got a table for my sewing machine, my ball winder, my carder and all the other stuff (oh yeah, I decided on buying the carder I had rented. I phoned the woman yesterday and I just get to keep it as it was a brand new one when I got it. I just need to transfer the money to her account which I'll do on Monday. I figured it was a waste to take the carder back as I haven't done half of the stuff I wanted to do and I would buy one soon anyhow. So that's easy). I also got a shelf unit to organize my boxes of yarn. I cleaned out the "closet" (build in) in the room as well, putting all the stuff that was in there in other places. There's only one shelf in that closet, but I got to pil up all my stuff nicely.

I would show pictures but my sister has my camera and I haven't figured out yet how to use the video camera I have (it takes pictures as well, but I don't know how to transfer stuff to my computer). Anyway, everything is semi-organized now. I still need to figure out a way to make sure what yarn is in what box (I think I know how I'll do that) and I need to organize my big ordners with free patterns, but I think I'll do that at work this week (*grin* at least I'll look busy and it won't be to obvious I'm not doing work related stuff). The room is lovely now, I need some stuff to hang on the walls to make it more nice. Unfortunately the room is painted green, not my fave colour, but I still need to paint the whole house so that room surely isn't a priority.

Oh, and I got boyfriend to hang up some stuff for me, which is a great accomplishment 'cause I've been asking him for almost a year now! :D

I also started on the cleanup of my bedroom which will continue this week and when we actually get the new bed (we have the frame, now we still need the bottom and the mattresses).

Last but not least I managed to clean up my art-area! The mess was keeping me from doing art really. So now both my desk and my art-desk are clean, so I should be able to write letters and do art again! I'm excited and inspired even, though I don't have the time tonight (we have to go and watch a big spectacle/theater - free tickets! :D). Well, this is great. I just need to figure out how to organize all my paper stuff for the art 'cause that's still a mess really. Hmm, need to do some thinking. Maybe some kind of filing system?

So, as said, no realy knitting. There are a few things I need to do urgently but I will do that soon. Probably tomorrow. I have the last package to mail out to my SP5. It's going to be huge! I need to wash all the socks I've knitted so far. Hmm, a ton of stuff to do really. But I'll get there! :D

Off now, to wake up boyfriend to get ready for some diner and then the theater thing!


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