Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lost package!

The package that I thought was long lost showed up today! I ordered it at the end of June and it was shipped early July. I had totally given up on it. But it showed up! And this was the envi it was in :

Wanne know what the stamp sais? Look a little closer :

Oh yeah, you are reading it right, the package was missent to Jamaica! Can you imagine? I didn't think "Belgium" was anything like "Jamaica" but maybe I'm the crazy one here.

But at least I know have the yarn, and 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon which is enough to knit the Booga Bag! Yippie! I want that bag so badly and I finally want a felting project that turns out ok! I just need 7mm circulars, but I'll pick those up tomorrow at the store, hopefully (if they have them in).

Off to take a much needed shower!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger laurie said...

good grief...spam ^^^^ taking advantage of the hurricane...some people have no sense *growl*

re: missent packages, i had something similar happen with a much wanted package from a friend in GB...we thought it was surely gone for good (previous packages had taken about a week), but it showed up a MONTH later...having been rerouted to brisbane australia!! lol...michigan bears about as much resemblance to australia as belgium does to jamaica ;o) glad yours got to you too :o)

watch for e-mail coming soon, oh recipient of far-away sockage *grin*...just have to get my act together here!

12:09 AM  

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