Friday, March 13, 2009

An update

It has been months since I last decently updated here! :D Time and energy is lacking me to update, so I'm really sorry. But here is my try on an update.

First, there were the Christmas socks I knitted. I wanted to knit socks for my whole family. I did quite a good job, though I didn't manage to get a pair done for the boyfriend and my uncle. The first has a pair of socks now, the unlce still hasn't. One day though ...

My creation

You can go to my Flickr page or Ravelry to read more details about the socks. From left to right, starting at the top : Socks for my youngest sister, socks for my grandma, socks for my other sister, socks for a friend (need to fill up the mosaic! :D), socks for my aunt and the recently finished socks for my boyfriend. Missing are the socks for my mom (see previous post) and the socks for my grandfather (no pitures taken ...).

There was recently another pair of socks knitted for the above mentionned friend, but as I got no thank you or appreciation there might not follow any more socks for this friend. :( I hate it when this happens, when I put a ton of knitting time into something (and love and energy) for the thing to end up in the bottom of a drawer never to be looked at again. :( Oh well ...

There were recently 2 pairs of socks finished for myself, though I only have pictures of one pair :

Pomatomus take 3 (25PPII #24)

Pattern : Pomatomus by Cookie A.

Yarn : Spunky Sport by Spunky Eclectic

Needles : 2,75mm circs

Modifications : As I ran out of yarn before finishing the first sock (I had 2 balls of 50gr each) I did the second sock with 2,5 pattern repeats for the leg and a shorter heel flap. Then I redid the first sock. They look great, I only barely made it the second time!

The other pair I finished was the pair of Hederas I started back in September (I think). I have no pictures of them though. I'm stilling trying to keep up with 2 sock challanges. First one is the 52PairPlungeII. I have now 26 pairs done, which is halfway. I probably won't make it to the full 52, but I'm halfway so that's ok. I'm also still in the challange of the Sock Knitters Anonymus. I probably won't finish a February pair (we have till the end of March to finish it), but so far I did quite ok.

That being said, I'm slowly getting bored of socks. I really want to knit a few sweaters! But of course I know I won't get them finished. I will start another one soon though. Not sure which one. I would have done it over the weekend if I wasn't so busy. Next week then ...

I did finish a sweater/vest but I still have no buttons for it nor do I have pictures. I also finished 2 hats for me, 2 hats for the boyfriend and a scarf for the boyfriend, but no pictures of any of this . I do have pictures of a pair of gloves that were on the needles for almost a year before I finished them :

Cashmere gloves

Knitted out of Cashmere I got through Posh yarns (some Yarn club) but I overdyed the yarn as I didn't like the original colour. The gloves are wonderfull and got quite some wear during the cold Winter!

I think that's about it for the knitting right now. I need to take a ton of pictures. I also have some spinning to show, but I'll keep that for a later post. Now it's back to my (not so fun) work ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorgeous knitting as always :) I read about the no appreciation on Rav (actually, I'm still reading that thread). Will post there soon.

I just finished a fun quick sweater. It is the Miley sweater. It is in my projects. Lemme know if you're interested in the pattern!

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Martine said...

Ik zat wat te surfen en kwam via Ravelry hier terecht. Mooie breisels heb jij al gemaakt!
Vele groetjes,

11:10 PM  
Blogger wevegotpaper said...

Hello my dear! Of course I remember you! I'm glad to know that you wrote me a letter, I look forward to reading it! Don't worry, I understand what it's like to reply months later... I've been there!

Your socks are so cute! I love them. Especially the ones that you posted on November 17.

And I love the photo of you and your horse!

Let's keep in touch more regularly from now on, shall we?! :) xox

6:37 PM  

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