Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Handspun Sockyarn Swap questionnaire!

Because my pal in this swap already contacted me twice (thank you so much!) I'm going to quickly post the answers to this questionnaire. Nothing more as I should get back to my knitting. I'm testknitting my first pattern. I want it to be done soon. I'm so nervous, for 2 things : that I won't be done in time, and that I'll do an awful job. It's killing me. Oh, and I'm not going to reveal anything till the pattern is actually published, so you just have to take my word.

Anyway, the questions!

Do you prefer sock yarn that is a solid color, variegated, or striping?
At the moment I do prefer solid or at least nearly solid colours, or variegated with not to much different colours. I usually like all colours - still do - but the main amount of socks I want to knit at the moment begs for a solid yarn. No self striping at the moment please, I'm drowning in those. I'm easy to please, so no worries!

What are your favorite colors & are there any colors that you do not like?
My faves are purples, plum, black, dark blue, moss greens (and variations), pinks, burgundy.
I really don't like yellow (bright), orange (unless in an autumnal combination), and any neon colours. As I said I like autumnal colours, like muted orange and muted yellow, I'm not so drawn to solid orange and yellow.

How long have you been spinning & knitting?
I learned to knit at the age of 4, didn't do much of it after elementary school and started again 2 years ago. I started spinning soon after, about 1 1/2 year ago.

Do you have any fiber allergies or preferences?
No allergies that I know off. I wear almost anything for socks, though I love warm feet! :D

Are you willing to hand wash your socks or are you a machine wash only knitter?
I handwash all my handknit socks, so no worries there!

Do you have any favorite candy or treats?
You generally can't please me with candy, so I prefer nothing of that kind (I usually give it away, sorry!). I do like tea and candles, if that helps.

Anything else you’d like to share with your pal?
I mainly like thinner yarns for socks, and I love knitting socks with my 2mm needles. But I know spinning those yarns isn't easy, so everything is fine by me!

I'm really looking forward to this swap! Back to knitting!


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