Sunday, October 22, 2006

A few pictures

I don't have much knitting progress to report. I have been knitting over the weekend but i have so many WIPs and I'm jumping from one to another, so there's no real progress to show. I've been dyeing yarn tonight, but the yarn isn't dry yet and it's late night already, so no time to take pictures. So I decided to update with a few other things.

First of all, finally the pictures for the lovely package I got from my Sockret Pal! I took the pictures a while ago but never uploaded them.

KnitSimple and KnitScene (I really wanted the last mag but none of my European stores had it left in stock!), Toasty Toes sock yarn!!, and a pair of wonderful socks! They fit perfectly ! Thank you so much!

A huge amount of knitting notions : a yarn cutter (so handy for plane trips as so on), needle protectors (I especially like the ones for circular needles ,as those are my travel needles and they either pin through everything or the stitches slip off, so I certainly can use them!), stitch markers, a nice box to sort everything and the big bag with a little of everything. So neat!!!

Thank you Sockret Pal!!!

Then I decided to take a picture of my yarn room which I finally got sorted out last weekend. Now the rest of the house and I'm done! :D

(click on the picture for a closer look!)

All corners of my room filled like crazy with yarn. I like that room a lot! I can fit in more yarn I'm sure, but I do need to destash just a little (soon, here on the blog! :D).

And then, this afternoon while laying on the couch I was trying to get a picture of my dog and kitty interacting. Angel is the only cat who really interacts with the dog. All the others prefer to stay away from her as she's just to playful and still likes to hunt them (Angel has figured out that if you don't run the dog won't chase you - clever kitty!). But of course they moved and this was the best picture I could get :

One more week and I'm off for a week from work! Keep knitting!


Blogger Em said...

Lucky girl, what great Sockret Pal gifts. And may I say, Hel-LO yarn room. Good grief, it could be its own shop!
Love the dog and kitty pic; I would expect no less from a cat than to move at the last possible minute! Emily B from Sockret Pal

10:01 PM  
Blogger Amy Boogie said...

we had one cat that figured out the "no run=no chase" game. most of them never do though. Cute picture of them just the same.

Fab sockret pal gifts and I love that yarn room!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your craft room. Someday, I hope to have one, too.

Sockret Pal

11:03 PM  

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