Friday, October 13, 2006

Socks update!

First of all, before anything else, a BIG BIG thank you to my Socret Pal!!!! I got the most perfect package in the mail yesterday with so much beautifull stuff inside! I'll be taking pictures over the weekend, when it's still light, and I'll show them to you then!!

Also, I'll be soon trying to destash some more, so please keep visiting!

Now I haven't been able to update much. I'm so busy with my new job and all the other stuff beside it all that I can hardly take the time to sit down and actually type a blog entry. I'm already happy if I can just read all my blogs. But here's an update. :D

First of all, the finished socks! I'm taking part in Socktober and I mainly want to finish all the socks I'm having started. Some have been around for a long time! There are different reasons for me to abondon them. But lets first show you the ones I actually did finish.

Stats :
Yarn : Hello Yarn sock yarn, a left over from a pair of socks I once knitted for my sister
Needles : 2.25mm inox circ
Started/ended : started somewhere in August, ended very beginning of October

I love these socks! They are soft, they perfectly fit and I love the colour. Now these will be the last anklets for now. It's Autumn here - finally - and I'm already wearing my full grown socks! :D

Stats :
Yarn : my own handdyed Angora sock yarn in pinks
Needles : 2mm addi turbo
Pattern : ... from the SixSocksKAL (pattern from January)
Started/finished : started in January I think, and ended a week ago!

The pattern is really nice and the socks are so soft! I don't know how they'll hold up in shoes and all but I think it'll be ok due to the wool/nylon in them.

Then I took a picture of all the socks I have on the needles. I took this picture last week though, so some things have changed!

From left to right :
- Estonian stockings from Nancy Bush : Started and finished the first sock in Turkey over the Summer, started the second one but never did more then seen on the picture. By now I've finished the colourwork and I'm halfway through the leg. Not sure when I'm going to finish this as I'm not keen on taking it with me on the train (dirty hands :D)
- Self designed slip stitch sock : Not sure, might finish these for my mom for Christmas, I just never liked the sock that much.
- Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern from Knitting Vingtage socks by Nancy Bush : started in Turkey, picked them up again just today. They are knitted on 1.5mm circs and it's kinda hard, plus I might run out of yarn for these and it's my own handpainted, so I'm a bit scared.
- Socks in Angora sock yarn, see above (thus FINISHED :D)
- Simple man's sock in Online sock yarn. This is a commissioned knit. The first sock is done, I'm half way through the leg of the second by now. I'm not so happy with the combination of the size of the needles and the yarn, but it's ok.

Not pictured is a pair of knee high socks out of Hello Yarn sock yarn that I'm knitting. They are laying beside my bed. I'm half way through the leg of the first sock.

I ripped one sock, it has been on the needles for months and I just wasn't happy with it. It was a man's sock on 3mm needles and the result was just awful. These socks were last years Christmas gift for my uncle. Guess I'm quite late with them.

I've already started a new sock too. It's last months SixSocksKAL pattern with yarn from Boogie's sock club. I'll try to take a picture over the weekend.

As you can guess I'm still quite addicted to socks! It will probably by my favourite knit forever or something like that! :D I'm also quite annoyed with my store bought socks. None of them really fit me as I want and I seem to wear them out so soon. So my hope is to one day have a drawer full of socks! I still have a long way to go though.

I currently have way to many WIPs. It's awefull. But people keep requesting things and I keep starting them without really finishing anything up. So that's quite frustrating all together. I'm kinda tired of knitting for others right now, and I mean commissioned knits. It's just not fun anymore. I knitted a pair of fingerless gloves for someone just a few weeks ago. She took them and requested another pair right away. I did them this week, and I don't mind, but I still have other knits as well. I have a lace sweater from Rowan and the above socks. Then I promissed my LYS-lady a lacy scarf and a pair of fingerless mitts. I should knit her something, she's so sweet and having so many health problems. Then my mom has been whining about a sweater for ages (ok, I admit, I promissed her one for last Christmas but never knit it). My sister wants a Poncho. Plus all the things I want to knit for myself (and for my boyfriend). Oh and I'm forgetting the baby knits I should be doing! It's all so stressing right now.

Anyway, I'm knitting like crazy and the start of Autumn gives me more energy. I love this weather. Like today : Clear blue sky, temperatures around 15°C, the sun is shining. It's just lovely. Of course I'm inside working and by the time I get home the sun is down, but well, it's nice.

Work is ok, I love the kids, the colleagues are a bit less nice. It's all a bit of a sad situation, but I'm not giving up just yet (one of the people who doesn't like me resigned and leaves at the end of October, the other one is only hear one day a week). The hours are a bit to much though. Working full time is sucking all my energy. By the time I get home in the evening I usually just collaps and I'm even to tired to pick up my needles. But I do knit! I can't leave my knitting laying there! :D

Oh, hoping that someone will read this, I saw this cute dog vest (a sweater more) on a blog but I don't remember where. I want to knit my dog a sweater in the case we are going on a Skiing trip this Winter. I'm looking for something simple and nice that would fit my kind of dog (it's a hunting dog, so big breast, small waist!). The design I saw was like a simple ribbing or so. Suggestions greatly appreciated!!

Back to work now ...


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Emily - your socks are so pretty! I especially like the pink angora socks ... I'll bet they're lovely and soft and warm. Perfect for winter!

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