Sunday, September 17, 2006

What the postman left here ...

... the last couple of weeks/months.

As I haven't updated properly in a while now I decided to start with this. The postman has been quite busy the last couple of months. Mostly with things I ordered. But also with lovely gifts. So here you go, a view of everything :

First of all, the Yarn Aboard II box!! I signed up for both boxes and was the first to recieve one of the sock boxes!! Totally exciting!

This is how I first saw it!! Amanda the boxes look so nice!

And all this was inside : Socks that Rock yarn in the most gorgious colourway, Lovely sock patterns, 2 notebooks, some lavendar handcream, and Kool-Aid! Wauw, amazing! I can't wait to start using that yarn, it's my first skein ever!!

The box went off again, but before it flew out I took this picture :

Now Amanda asked us to take a picture of the box with something typical for our country. Well, in my case, there are 3 things in this picture. First of all, rain (hard to see, but it was pooring down), which is so typical for Belgium. If you ever come to visit here, no matter what season, make sure to bring rain stuff! Then there's chocolate, very typical for my country. And last, there's the building materials in the background. A typical knowledge of Belgians is that they all want to own their own house, no matter what, and we have the saying that "every Belgian has a rock in his stomach".

Hope this is ok Amanda!

Then, next arrived my "Whose lace is it anyway" package from Janice (need to look up her blog, will edit this later).

This package was simply amazing! I got 3 skeins of Zephyr yarn (which I love!), 2 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk, 2 lovely patterns, some sweet stitch markers and a lovely knitting bag! Can't wait to use it all! Thank you so much Janice!

Then last was a package through a swap. I sent
Lois some Phildar magazines and she sent me these lovely japanese magazines! Thanks Lois, if you ever want to swap again just let me know!

Next up, the socks I'm knitting! All for now!


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