Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yarn as therapy!

** For some yarns for sale, scroll down!! **

First of all, sorry for the silence. It's been hard for me. Bit over a week ago I got a letter from the Unemployment bureau over here to tell me they are questionning my right to unemployment payments. Apparently my previous boss didn't put up a very nice image of me - that makes for a promiss! - and now they are threatening not to pay me unemployment. I'm counting on this money to make it through the coming months, as I would like to wait to start working till the beginning of September. Tomorrow the verdict will fall as I have to go in for a talk about this all. I'm super nervous and afraid I'll collaps. I to often do these days. I honestly don't know how I'll manage without the unemployment. Plus it seems like not many people are wanting to hire me. :( Sad me.

Anyway, I do have an FO to show. Remember the bulky silk I had up for sale? (I still have it, scroll down!) I decided to try knitting something quick with it and I found the Ubernatural by Glampyre. Perfect! So this is what I have after a day of knitting :

Sorry for the crappy modelled shot. I knit this with 2 balls and a little of a third. Tells me I need to remeasure the yardage of these balls of yarn! I like it a lot! I should have used bigger needles for the ribbing, but aside from that it's great, and it's pure silk!! It's super soft. I of course plan on knitting one out of wool too, but not before the end of the Summer!

I also knitted 2 Booga Bags for my sisters (both for their birthdays) but I forgot to take pictures of course. They were both out of - different - Noro Kureyon. They turned out a lot smaller then I had thought they would be, but that must be the pattern. I just don't know. Also, the one bag didn't felt as good as the other. Strange. I do love Noro, but I might use it more for other knitting then for felting. I saw this lovely Kureyon blanket in Mason-Dixon Knitting, and of course I want one. I guess if I keep collecting single skeins in colours I like I might get there some day! :D

I'm still knitting on some stuff, not making much progress. Don't ask. Right now I just don't feel like knitting with mohair, and the 2 most pressing WIPs are of course in mohair. Drives me crazy!

I am in a spinning mood though. Look at what I got done :

Blue wool, got it through a swap, about 150gr of sport weight. Socks to be probably.

Green Superwash Merino through Spunky Club by Boogie. 100gr, somewhere between fingering and sport, going to be socks for sure! I didn't like the colour of the unspun wool that much (I'm not a big green fan I guess) but after spinning it it turned out great. Can't wait to spin more superwash.

Of course I'm spinning again, and I'm getting the hang of spinning even finer then this!

My addiction to sock yarn keeps continuing. Here's what I recently got :

Crappy picture of some beautifull sockyarn by Brooklyn Handspun.

Lovely Cashmere sock yarn by Kerrie of HipKnits .


Anyway, I'm making my last yarn purchase as I'm typing this, and I'm putting myself on a diet for the coming 2 months (except during my trip to Turkey, if I find something over there I might just buy it :D). Anyway, I'm only allowing myself to buy yarn with the money I'm raising through selling some of my huge stash. There is so much yarn I won't ever get around using, and I just want to share with all of you.

Today I'm going to show a few yarns I tried to sell before. If they don't sell I'll be putting them up on Ebay really soon. So please, if you are interested, email me! I would love to get the prices I'm stating here, which are really low, but you can make me an offer! I will have to add a little for shipping, depends on what you buy, but I'm willing to pay half of the shipping as I'm in Belgium.

Bulky silk, used above for Ubernatural! Not know yardage. You need only 3 skeins to knit up Ubernatural. It's a really nice soft green. I would normally sell this for $12 a ball, but I'm only asking for $9 if you order through here before Friday! It retails at $20. I have 10 balls, let me know how many you want if you are interested.

80% angora, 20% wool yarn, heavy fingering weight. Nice salmon colour. Super gorgious yarn! High quality! I'm selling all 16 balls for only $40! I think this would normally retail for almost $160! But I got it for $80. The colour doesn't really suit me, because I'm pale, but it's a really nice colour!

I'm currently not finding the pictures of the other yarn (some mohair, some wool) so I'll upload them later. I'm also going to sell off some of my sock yarns, I'm willing to swap those. More later this week. Off to bed now!


Blogger Amy Boogie said...

Look at all those fabulous projects! The yarn came out great too. A lot of them don't look good in the roving - that's why I test all the clubs before they go out. :)

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

I have my eye on that Ubernatural for quite time! Your turned out great!

2:14 PM  

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