Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have no decent post. I really can't get my mind together and it's just to hard to make a reasonable post. Why? Well, lets see ...

Yesterday we had very stormy weather. It wasn't raining but there was a huge wind blowing, very strong. The temperatures where ok so I decided to let the horsy on the meadow for a few hours. I went out to the back and opened up the door of his stable onto the meadow. Soon I noticed the brick that normally keeps the door open wasn't heavy/big enough now - with the wind - and I needed another solution. The upper part of the door is connected to a pole with a straw-string (very sturdy). So I decided to do that with the lower part as well. While attaching the string for the lower part somehow the upper part got loose and hit me full speed on the head, right above my left eye. If you knew the speed the wind was getting, and the fact that the upper door had been pulling on the string like crazy, you can imagine the speed the door hit me with. I was dizzy and feeling so bad I could hardly stand on my feet, but did manage to get back to the house. Then I called the boyfriend, who works here but I hadn't seen him on my way back and I was feeling to bad to go and look for him.

Well, I have a major blue eye, but worse, I have a concussion. Not that I ever had this before but working in the medical field I do know what a concussion is about and that's what I'm having! I have major headaches, sometimes I need to hide under a blanket to fall asleep and feel better. I can't spend more then a few minutes on my computer. Driving a car is horror (I had no choice today, but did the very minimal). I just need to lay down, do as little as possible and take regular naps. I'm hoping I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

So no realy updates today. I'm hoping to finally post the big reviel thing - the stuff I've been thinking about for ages - later tonight if my head allows me too. Right now it's back to the couch. More later on the week!


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