Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where is the world going to?

I'm off to the PO and to arrange some paperwork in the city, but I just needed to get this off my chest first.

Last week Thursday I was on my way into the big city to my LYS when in a very nast turn in the road another car hit me. Or I hit the car. It's kinda blury here. We were travelling in the same direction and it's a really nasty bend. My car is hit at the passengers side at the BACK door, so basically it's kinda obvious they really hit me.

It was a brand new small truck filled with 3 workmen. The one driving kept saying he did not leave his side of the road, but I know for sure that with such a car you can't even pass that bend without leaving your side. It was so silly. Nor my car nor theirs had big dammage. I agreed on filling out papers as their boss didn't want to take the risk. They did not have any papers on board.

I thought they would be reasonable about this. It was so clear the car could not have any true dammage. My car hardly has a scratch! And I hit at a "soft" spot.

Now they called and they want their complete bumper replaced and they are saying it's all my fault!!!!! I am totally upset with this. You believe people still have some good in them, and then you get this.

My boyfriend is totally right, I should have called the police. they would never have won this as they didn't have the neccesary papers on board. But I really believed they would just let it drop. I'm such a stupid ass.

So now my boyfriend is really angry with me. And my FIL - the actual owner of the car - will be too of course. I can cry right now, and I'm honestly going to hide after going into town. I'm so stupid. Can someone shoot me please?

Oh, a proper update later today.


Blogger Jenna said...

What a nightmare! Dealing with car stuff is the worst... right next to student loans.

12:50 PM  

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