Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I don't know if I ever mentionned on the blog that I joined the Dye-o-rama swap. I loved the idea of dyeing sock yarn for someone and getting some in return! I love dyeing you see, I love experimenting and playing with colours. I have been dyeing up yarn for my pal, but it seems like the person dyeing for me was even faster! I got her package in the mail today :

The yarn is KnitPicks dye your own, and it's dyed with Wilton Cake Dyes (I whish I had these kind of food colours around, but they aren't sold over here). She also included the cute magnet and the little box of minths! The Colours of the yarn are a bit brighter then in this picture (at least on my monitor).

Oh, and you are probably wondering who sent me this? Well, it was Jennifer, aka Craftylilly! Thank you dear, I love the yarn and will start socks with it soonish!!

Now, I've been dyeing as well, and this is what's going to go out in the mail either tomorrow or on Friday, when time permits :

This is :
- 2 skeins of regular sock yarn (75% superwash wool, 25% poly)
- 1 skein of sock yarn with angora

Both are dyed with Dylon acid colours. My pal requester darker colours, but when I mentionned the angora sock yarn baby items were mentionned. I always thing of bright colours when thinking of kids, so I hope this will be ok. I can't really go wrong as I'm already including the darker skeins, right? The colours for the darker skeins are burgundy, navy blue and emerald green. I truly hope my pal will like this! I'll know more in about a week or so!

I need to update more, but it's hell over here. We are re-doing the showroom completely, and of course my boyfriend started to late. The open doors are coming weekend and so we all have been rushing to get things done. On top of everything I have to deal with a boyfriend in a not so good mood and with an angry FIL who couldn't keep himself and had to tell my mother he's angry at me because I'm not helping enough. Did anyone tell him that I'm THE ONLY PERSON WHO DOESN'T GET PAYED here? Yep, all I do is for free and I'm constantly giving them stuff to use that's actually mine. Oh, I'm not that bad tempered usually but I can't stand this. Of course boyfriend - angry and totally worn out - had to point out how much he's paying for me (well, not that much, but hey) and that I go on a holiday with the money from the business. Huh? Last time I checked he payed that with the money he made (ok, through the business, but he has an official paycheck) and I pay my part. Ok, I have to shut up here, it'll be hard enough to get through the weekend as it is.

Hopefully more knitting soon!


Blogger Terhi said...

Hi Emily,
and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Unfortunately I've already sold the yarn, and I love my Rowan magazines too much to sell them. :-D I really like the yarns you've dyed, so beautiful!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Yay! I'm glad you like the yarn! The yarn you've dyed is gorgeous. Whoever you have is a lucky knitter.

9:29 PM  

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