Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Auntie Mart's Yarn

Ok, here's the big thing I've been working on the last couple of weeks. I'm quite excited about it and well, I just hope you all are just as excited! Anyway, here it is :

Auntie Marts Yarn & Fiber

First of all a few explanations.

Why the idea?
I love dyeing up yarn, but there's a limit to what I can keep. I love giving stuff away of course, but in the end that's rather expensive as well. So then I saw Santa Cruz Handspun and the idea for this was born. My goal is in no way to make much profit out of this, it's merely to make money for my own addiction, and to share some nice fibers with you all!

Why the name of the shop?
That might be a bit of a weird one for those who don't know, but here it goes. My great aunt Martha died about 4 years ago. She was very creative, did a lot of stuff with her hands and was a great knitter and crocheter. She used to make slippers for everyone. She also made a lot of cozy's for clothing hangers, I still have a few of those. She always was an inspiration for me. She unfortunately died before I captured the knitting but again. I still think of her daily and this is kind of a tribute to her, and I hope she likes it! I'm sure she's proud of me :D.

What will I be offering?
A great variety of fibers, mostly very limited available. The lady at my LYS usually has batches of very rare fibers, straight from the mill or left overs from orders from big couturiers in Paris. All fibers she has for me are of super quality. As I said, most of them will be only available for a very limited time. I usually only have a few balls, but I don't want to keep it all for myself.

Aside from that I'll be also offering handdyed sock yarns. Mostly the regular kind, but also some specials. Some will only be limited, others I might have longer. It all depends on the stock I have!

Prices and shipping
As I said I'm not doing this to make a profit, it's mainly to make it possible for me to buy more yarn. And to do something usefull with my creations. So prices will usually be very low, as low as I can go, considering I'm including shipping.

That's right, unless otherwise stated I'm offering free shipping all around the world (remember, I'm in Belgium-Europe!). I'll ship priority mailing. The Belgian post does not offer tracking yet, so I can't offer that, do I can ship your yarn in a signed parcel, but you have to pay that extra cost. As said I'm using priority mailing which means it should get about everywhere in little over 5 days (that is working days of course, and over here the PO doesn't work at the weekends!).

At the moment I can only take Paypal! Email me with the yarn you would like, and I will send you an invoice!

Please remember, first comes, first gets!!!

Email me!

For now I'll be using my blog to offer my yarns. If people are really interested I might start an etsy store or so. It all depends.

Please keep in mind that I'm trying to take the best pictures I can, with the most acurate colours ON MY MONITOR. Please don't get angry with me if the colours are not exactly as you expected. I'm trying really hard here!

If you are not happy with the yarn or shipping, or anything else, please email me at rrej37AThotmailDOTcom!

Here it goes!

Handdyed Angora sock yarn

This yarn is of a batch I have very limited available. It's 45% Wool, 25% Angora and 30% Viscose. It's no longer available in this way and even the new blend is not available to me at the moment. It knits up on 2 - 3 mm needles (US #0 - #2). I recommend hand wash though it should be fine to put it through a gentle program in your machine. One skein is 50 grams, approx. 193 m (1.7 oz / 210 yards).

I dye this yarn in very small batches. Perfect for socks, shawls, scarfs and chirldrens garments. If you are interested in this for a bigger garnment you need to contact me asap! I can only do this as long as I have the yarn in stock!

#01 - Strawberry filled chocolate
$12/skein 2 AVAILABLE

#02 - Dark Roses
$12/skein 2 AVAILABLE

#03 - Dark Sunset (sorry for the blurry picture)
$12/skein 2 AVAILABLE

#04 - Blue Rain
$12/skein SOLD OUT

Handdyed sock yarn

Your regular sock yarn, 75% wool 25% Nylon. Great quality, hardly pills. Knits up on 2 - 3 mm needles (US #0 - 2). Approx. 210m/50gram skein (230y/1.7oz).

#03 - Dark Sunset
$8/skein 2 AVAILABLE
(more availabe soon!)

#04 - Blue Rain
$8/skein SOLD

More yarn to come soon!


Blogger Jenna said...

Your yarns are beautiful, Emily. I would SO buy the Blue Rain sock yarn if I wasn't on a sock-yarn diet right now. I'm sure I'll break soon, though, and place an order in the future!

1:52 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

whoa! WHERE have I been??? Some how I didn't have your blog in my bloglines!!! I have some catching up to do!!! Sometime in the future I'm giong to be interested in some sock yarn...being that I've never made a sock- I'm going to practice on some $5 yarn LOL! I wonder if you ever received those books? I'll never seen 'bookrate' again!
Off to read your blog :)..still have your journal ;)

7:20 PM  
Anonymous kerrie said...

oooh, they look beautiful!

With regards to the cashmere sock yarn there are still 3 paler ones available, if you want one just send me a paypal for £13 and I'll pop it in the post to you. Free shipping for all!

8:23 AM  

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