Monday, April 24, 2006

Future projects

First of all, I've just finished the knitting on my Deep Argyle V Vest! Thus, tomorrow will be the scary day of cutting the thing! It is scaring me though I'm also very excited as 1. I love to learn new things and 2. I can't wait to finish this vest and see how it looks (and start on other projects! :D).

I've been surfing around lately, to find a suitable pattern for a certain yarn I'm having in my stash (I'll post more info and a pic of the yarn tomorrow). I came across a few projects I would love to knit :

From left to right, upper rowfirst :

1. Green Gable by ZephyrStyle

2. Ubernatural, by Stefanie Japel

3. Jemima by Amelia Raitte

4. The Somewhat Cowl by Knit and Tonic

5. Bella Paquita by Marnie MacLean

6. Tempting II by Jenna Adorno

I have to say that #3 and #4 are big faves right now and they are very high on my knitting list! Some of these patterns I've been looking at forever, some I just discovered. From Amelia Raitte I also love Holy (which was in MagKnits) and her socks of course. From Knit and Tonic I also love Essential Stripe, though probably with less stripes. From Jenna Adorno I also like Tempting I, Blaze and especially Impulsive (though she doesn't have a written pattern for the last one :( ). And I love most of the patterns from Marnie MacLean.

Well, there are a lot more patterns and designers out there that I really love and I'll try to post about them in the future, but if you know someone, let me know as I'm really interested in checking them out!

Related to the yarn I'll be showing tomorrow : I'm looking for a pattern knitted up out of Sock yarn similar to the Somwhat Cowl above, or at least a nice tight fitting sweater which - preferable - has long sleeves or the option for long sleeves. I can't seem to find any sweaters knitted on 2.5mm needles, which is actually what I'm looking for! :D


Anonymous Sandra said...

I raise my voice for Green Gable! I will knit one most certainly!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You are going to steek! Eeks! I bet the vest will look fab when you are done.

By the way, this is your dye-o-rama swap pal. I'll be emailing you soon to see what you'd like colorwise for your yarn!

Can't wait!

3:54 AM  

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