Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm back ... again

Yep, I didn't feel like posting in a while, and again I'm making a commitment of trying to post more regulalry again. Now I still don't feel like writing. Strangely enough. I haven't kept my journal (paper) in over a year, I'm more then a year behind with my snail mail letters (I think many have dropped me as a pal by now, and I can't blame them, right?) and keeping up a blog is not really that easy, though I want to show of my progress. Knitting (and spinning) is about the only thing I'm doing right now. And still for that I don't really have the patience. I can't watch a movie without getting up and moving around several times. I can't knit more then a few rows without having to do something else. I'm very restless and I guess it won't change any time soon.

The biggest problem is I don't really know where this is coming from. I usually very good at finding the origin of my feelings. I know what's causing my depression and it feels rather stupid to take meds for it as I know I won't be cured of the depression if the problem isn't solved. And as far as I know it's not going to be solved (it's mainly my father and his ridiculous behaviour that's causing everything, but I'm not going to go in depth over here). But alas, I have no clue why I'm this restless. I'm either sleeping or wondering around. I don't get anything done at all. It's driving me nuts!

Anyway, there is knitting content here, so don't leave! Let's start with 2 FO's I haven't showed yet :

I am sorry for the crappy picture, but I present you my Green Gable! Don't in Rowan Wool Cotton, in Grant I think though I'm not sure. I made it just as the pattern and I do realize I could have done with some more length (had enough yarn for it). But I'm wearing it and loving it! The Wool Cotton blend is perfect for me as I'm most of the time rather cold.

Stats :
Pattern : Green Gable
Yarn : Rowan Wool Cotton
Needles : Addi turbo, 4mm and 3.5mm
Started + finished : May 21 till May 24

Yep, this was an amazing fast knit and I am so happy with it! It still needs a good blocking. I steamed it, and wore it, and will block it for good after it's first washing! :D

Secondly :

Handknit socks!

Stats :
Pattern : my own
Yarn : my own handspun!
Needles : Addi turbo 2.5mm

Started and finished in less then a week!

This is how I knit my socks when I'm not sure about yardage of when I want to use all the yarn I have. I use a provisional cast on and start right at the heelturn (in this case a heelflap). Then I knit the foot, do so for both socks. Then I pick up the stitches for both socks (on one neede, magic look) and start knitting the leg from both ends of the ball of yarn. Here I used a 3x1 ribbing. I just knit till I'm almost running out of yarn and then I cut the thread. I used a K1P1 bind off which looks neat! My socks are high anklets really, but I'm more then happy with them!

As said, this is my own handspun! I wanted to go for somewhat self-striping, but as you can see it didn't really work out. I used pre-dyed merino in black and eggplant. I took 5gr heaps and spun one after another. When plying the yarn the first bobbin was striping (big stripes), but the second bobbin wasn't at all! That's what you see on the foot of these socks. But turns out I love this effect and will be spinning more yarn like this soon!

The yarn was slightly thick for a sock yarn, especially for the 2.5mm needles I used, but I wanted a very tight fabric. These will be house socks coming winter! My spinning is getting more consistently thin, so I'm hoping for more sock yarns in my future!

The spinning and knitting was all done in less then a week! I just loved it. And hooray for my small feet! :D

What am I working on right now? I decent amount of socks (pics when they are ready), a sweater for an order, and this :

First if Butterfly and second is Raspy, both from Rowan. I should be working mostly on Butterfly and the sweater mentionned above (Butterfly is for a wedding half July, the sweater should be done soon) but I'm mostly working on Raspy, or socks. Awfull, right? Well, I finally am finding my rythm with Butterfly. So that's ok. I need to pick up the sweater again. But lately we've been experiencing a heat wave and it's to hot during the day to knit much except socks or cotton, and during the night it's equally hot so I only manage a few rows of mohair stuff, mostly Butterfly.

I'm really anxious about starting a few other knitting probjects. Thanks to this lady I'm now totally addicted to Phildar designs! They are really easy to get by, and they excist in Dutch! So I bought a huge amount of books (they are so cheap!) and can't wait to start knitting from them!

Oh, and one more thing, a total disaster in knitting :

This was a bag for my sisters birthday before felting. I had dyed both yarns, both 100% wool. Now somehow I turned the red into superwash while dyeing (don't ask me!) 'cause only the light pink felted! Also, the red is now almost totally gone from the bag onto an old, torn jeans I use to felt. Such a huge dissapointment! I will have to knit another bag for my sister. Oh, her bithday was last weekend, so :'(.

Off now, to watch some series on tv (I manage that, strangely enough) and some knitting.


Blogger PJ said...

Hi! PJ here! Good job on those sock of your own yarn and pattern! That 'butterfly' looks beautiful! I'vefelt the way you felt at times..just enough to trod on...but looks like you have some wonderful projects going on!

4:13 PM  
Blogger blueadt said...

Hi Emily

I collected the parcel on Friday & have just blogged about it. Thanks very much - I adore the Strawberry Filled Chocolate.


12:26 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Hey Em!--

I am about to start using the Angora yarn you dyed for me. Yay! Also, I remember reading somewhere about you liking some of the dye colors available here in the states. I live right near a cake decorating store and they have all of the Wilton Icing Dyes. Would you like some? I can put together a package for you.


10:32 PM  

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