Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So, finally the promissed pictures. A bit later, as always, but I had a rough week and the weekend wasn't any better. I don't know how the coming week will be, but I'm not really looking forward to it at all.

First of all, I've been ordering quite a few things online, and the first package arrived today.

It's from "Die St(r)icknadel", a German based shop that sells Addi turbos at a decent rate. I of course had to order some extra, and that's the Meilenweit sock yarn you see in the picture! The 2 balls of Mega Boots Stretch are for some knee high socks!

The last week I managed to finish up 2 projects for my LYS. Well, one was only finished tonight, but hey, they are done. Here ya go :

Bag based on the free pattern for the Sophie Bag. Sorry for the second picture, I can't get it turned right. Anyway, cell phone added to show size! The felted bag is super! :D

And here is my doggy showing the Ruffle Scarf (don't know is that's the name) from the book Handknit Holidays . I'm seriously happy it's done. I hate the yarn (mostly the colour) and it was just to much stockinette. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably do more of these scarfs for Christmas, but then I won't rush them so much, 'cause it's really, really boring!

I also started a new project, the Deep V Argyle Vest designed by Eunny which is fab! I bought Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK for it, but I couldn't find the colours I wanted. So this is what I started with :

Don't get me wrong, these colours are gorgious and I'm sure I'll use the white for a sweater in the future, but I just didn't want my vest black/white 'cause I wouldn't wear it and I want to be able to wear this vest!

So I pulled out my dyes and ended up with this :

I used Dylon dyes and mixed purple with a bit of Cherry Red. Could have done with a bit less Cherry red, but it's still and nice colour which I love. It's especially nice in combination with the black (well, more grey, but still). I swatched, but the swatch was to small to take a decent picture off.

Now I got a bit of a scare when my gauge didn't rutn out the way I wanted it, but after thinking it over I found out I was just stretching my swatch to much after the wash, and after another wash I got perfect guage. So I started the ribbing, and after 4 rows I noticed I had twisted the ribbing! That never happened to me before, but hey, there's a first for everything, right? So I ripped and started over. I'm now about 10 rows into the basic ribbing, hopefully more in the near future!

Now I have a little something else to show :

My first Norwegian Stocking! After fiddling with the needles I ended up with 3mm and the sock fits so well! It's nice and tight, which I like! I knitted it in an awful short time, lets hope the second one will go just as fast. But I had a lot of other knitting to do (like casting off the ruffle scarf, which took me 3 hours! Well, I had to cast off 1600 stitches). Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have a pair, that is, if I don't get to obsessed with my vest!

On another note, I started listening to a new podcast (not knitting related) after hearing one of the latest episodes of Cast On, which was done by Sage of Quirky Nomads. If you haven't listened to Quirky Nomads yet, I can really recommend it! Which reminds me of the review of Podcasts I listen to I wanted to do. Man, staying at home means I have no time at all I guess! :D

Last, if you made it to the end of this post, I just posted some yarns at DeStash which is started to get rid of your stash. I'm not to hopefull, as usually not many people are interested in the yarns I offer, but feel free to check it out! The yarns are really good quality (I'm a yarn snob, so that's not really a surprise) but I guess it's the shipping that does it!

Oh, by the way, Sandra, if you are reading this, please do email me 'cause I have another batch of mostly acrylic yarn to send your way, and I don't want anything in return, hear me??? :D

Have to go bed now! :D


Anonymous Sandra said...

Ofcourse I am interested! I never say NO to yarn! Thank you very much, specially cause have to knit some cover for our cottage house - acrilyc is quite perfect for that!
P.S. I am reading your blog, and you are on my left sidebar under Rebecca!
If you don't have here is my addresss:
Sandra Perhaj
Lj. Gaja 88
42209 Sracinec

10:56 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Oh I Love the color you dyed for the Argyle vest! Can't wait to see it. Congrats on finishing the Norwegian stocking- it looks great!

5:07 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Beautiful stocking! I'm envious =)

Hope your week is better than last!

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Saartje said...

Gorgeous stocking! The more I see these on the web, the more I want to make them again.

5:35 PM  

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