Sunday, March 05, 2006

The excuse

Ok, I kind of have a valid excuse for not being around the last week or so, but well, it's a poor excuse!

First of all, some dissapointing news : I didn't make it in time to earn my gold medal in the knitting olympics. Sad, but it was a good decission. the last 3 days of the Olympics I was quite sick and I didn't really feel like knitting. Then I wasn't at home at Sunday. I had planned to get up early to do some more knitting, but I overslept and hardly made it in time to the riding school to leave with the cavalry band. Anyway, instead of rushing this and having a shawl I didn't really like, I decided to just take it a bit longer. I had thought a few days, but I'm finishing it tonight (after writing this I have about 4 more rows to knit). I'll show pictures tomorrow.

I have been ill most of the week, not being able to recover. There are 2 good excuses for that :

The first :

Scared yet? *grin* Yes, thsi is me! With my make up on and my hair done, just before the premiere of the theater play I was in! We had rehearsals the whole week long and had our last performance today. I'm happy it's over. It was a nice experience, but I'm happy to have my time back! By the way, I played a witch. :D

Second excuse :

The painting of my living room + kitchen. I've been wanting to do this since I moved here but never came around it. We were waiting till the new kitchen was installed, this happened about a year ago. Look why I didn't like the walls :

It's a corner of the kitchen, just before painting. My sister actually has already painting the moldings (sp?) which were yellow as well.
Just as an explanation : I don't like yellow at all. My SIL, who lived here before me, apparently liked yellow 'cause almost every room in this house is painting in on shade or another of yellow!
This is after the painting :

This the living room, after the painting, before putting all the furnishings and my curtains back (the stuff on the table actually are my curtains). It's dusty pink and deep purple (a lot darker then in the picture). The kitchen actually is painted olive, but I have no pictures of that! My sisters helped me painting and I'm so happy it's finally done, though I could have done with some rest!!
Anyway, these are the reasons for not being around to much and not getting as much knitting done as I had planned on.
Now I did finish 2 things :

Stats :
Yarn : Regia Crazy Colour Passion (#5402), 4 ply
Needles : 1,5mm for ribbing, 2mm for sock, addi turbo
These are actually my "movie" socks. I took them with me to the movies and knitted some every time. They were started somewhere in November or December. the legs are quite to wide, I used way to many stitches, but I lessened a whole bit for the foot and they are fitting quite nice! I like these socks a lot!

100% wool, from my yarn store (on a cone), Based on FuzzyFeet from Knitty, but adapted them myself. Of course I forgot to take a picture after felting them and I took them to my LYS for the owner, so sorry, no after felting pics in the future either. They looked quite nice!

As said before I'll probably have pictures of a finished Kiri shawl tomorrow, and blocked if possible! Next on the lace knitting list is the Sampler Stole KAL (with KnitPics).

Lets see, I also got the Drillbox for the Yarn Aboard swap! It was such a nice surprise!

Inside the box was some candy, a lovely card, some cute stitch markers and some gorgious Mountain Bearfoot sock yarn! I'm in love with the colours! Thank you so much, Jenn!
The box will be back to the US, filled with goodies, tomorrow!
Then, last but not least, I decided to take part in the Knitbloggers Fieldtrip organized by Becky. So here's my "backyard" :

This is what is supposed to one day become my back yard! Not much, huh? Well, it's a storage room for some left overs of the business, and well, lots of dirt. There is one reason I do like my back yard and that's the hansom guy in the last picture (it's still freezing over here so he's wearing his clothing! :D).
The first picture shows my balcony. The second one shows the view from my balcony! Ok, yeah, I live in the middle of the business. One of the reasons I'm not that fond of the balcony, but I might make it a bit more enjoyable for the Summer. At least on Sundays I can spend my time there (other days are out of the question for many, many reasons!).
So that's it for today, off to do some knitting and watch some good movies, and maybe the Oscars if I'm not asleep by then!
Ps.: Becky, I'll be posting about the box you sent me tomorrow if I find the time!


Anonymous Becky / Knitting Interrupted said...

Looks like a busy post Em! The "handsome guy" even posed for you! The business has definately taken over hasn't it? Hey but thats not so bad, one day the backyard of your dreams will magically appear not doubt! GRIN

Thanks for participating in the Fieldtrip project!

1:05 AM  
Blogger emmy said...

Hey! The business looks to be booming! I love that hansome man you have there in the backyard :)

OOOhh so you have the drill box?! It is so fun to see where it has been and to learn of it's newest destination.

1:45 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

You are far too pretty to be playing a witch on stage!

And lovely Bearfoot in the drill box. I love that stuff. I hope you enjoyed the Yarn Aboard swap and thanks for playing!

5:42 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

wow! lovely bearfoot and surprises!

what exactly is going on in your backyard?

11:05 PM  

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