Tuesday, January 17, 2006


No knitting today, my mom told me I didn't have time to knit this afternoon 'cause I had to paint the house. Yeah, right. I'm not going to rush. I'm home for the second day now! I have 3 more months to go! I am going to do this, hopefully this or coming week. But please, don't rush me!!

Anyway, I've been considering buying the new Vogue Knitting magazine, but well, there's only one pattern I really want to knit (after seeing the contents of the magazine) and I'm thinking it's just to much for a magazine you will hardly knit from. Anyway, what I like :

This is the one I really like! I don't really have the boobs to fill it up like this, but other then that I could wear it!

Like this top, though without the pockets. Though I've never worn tops like this before.

I would make it shorter for sure, but other then that I like cuddly vests like this.

Yes you all, that's it! I might consider the cabled hat, but I think that's it. So is it worth it to buy this magazine? I mean, I really, really like the first pattern, but it's still a lot of money for just one pattern, right?

By the way, I love the way this girl comments on patterns and all, I hope she doesn't mind I'm "stealing" the idea a bit! :D

Off now, I've been trying my new spinning wheel, and I want to spin some more before I'm off to the riding school!


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