Monday, February 13, 2006

Someone please slap me!

Ok, I'm going nuts here. I've been buying way to much yarn lately. It's just silly to see how much stuff I have bought the last 2 weeks! And then Becky lured me into buying even more yarn! :D Don't worry Becky, I'm ok with it! I'm sure I'll put the yarn to good use, and I still have some room in my stash.

Well, speaking of stash, I should try to get rid of some stuff I'm sure I will never use, but that's for one of the coming weeks.

New shop

Last Friday my sister and I went shopping together. Had been a long time since we did that, but somehow I always enjoy going shopping with them. Anyway, before we went to my usual fave LYS we decided to check out a yarn shop I never had been too, but they were mentionned on the Rowan homepage as carrying the brand, so I wanted to check it out. I was expecting a shop with a little bit of Rowan, as it was called "Stoffenidee", so I tought they would mainly carry fabrics (that's what the name sais).

But when I walked in, I was stunned! I hadn't expected this from seeing the display out front at all, as most of what was shown was pretty cheap yarn. But one side of the shop was filled with super yarn!! Not only did they carry Rowan, Regia, Gedifra and Debbie Bliss (yes, I'm for sure, a store carrying Debbie Bliss so near to me!), look at what I found at the end of the yarn racks :

Ok, you need to look really close, but this is actually a rack filled with NORO! I'm not kidding you! There is a store in Belgium actually selling Noro yarns! I have to say my sister and I both fell in love with it and I took home 3 balls!

Then on a clearance isle we found quite a bit of Rowan Polar! Sis took home enough for a cardi (which of course I have to knit) and she's going back to pick some up for me! I have to say, my sister is really picky when it comes to yarn (everything is itchy) but she loved quite a bit in the store!

Then we went to my fave LYS and I had quite a few things there waiting for me. The lady always puts things aside for me!

Finished Objects

Yep, I actually did finish some things! First of all there's this hat for a girl at the riding school. It took me only one night knitting it, and I did it with some yarn I painted myself, but of course I didn't take a picture of it. Let me just say it was looking really great and I had a hard time parting with it! :D

Then there's the following hat, which I knitting for myself :

Stats :

Pattern : Lady's and Girls FairIsle hat

Yarn : Schachenmayr Extra 100% Superwash wool. Bit more then 1 skein of white, and then little bits of color

Needles : 3mm addi turbo for the ribbing, 4mm for the hat

Knitting time : a few days! Finished Febr. 7 2006

Then tonight I finally finished my In the Shadow of Love socks! I started them last month and they were my trian knitting, but with getting fired I put them aside and didn't take them back up. Started on them again (on the second sock) 2 days ago, and finished just now :

Stats :

Pattern : In the Shadow of Love socks from the SixSocksKAL

Yarn : Arnell Sock yarn 75% wool, 25% poly

Needles : 2.5mm addi turbos

Started somewhere in January, Finished Febr. 13 2006

I really don't care at all for Shadow knitting and will probably never do it again in the future. It was great to try this by doing a sock. Oh, and by the way, I will be skipping the new SixSocks pattern. I don't care for knitting with beads at all and I don't feel like knitting socks with beads in paticular.

Knitting Olympics

No pics yet, but I'm getting along nicely with the Kiri Shawl. I casted on late Friday night, and dit the first shart and one repeat of the second shart. I didn't knit on it on Saturday - we were watching movies so I knitted a bit on the socks - but I did knit 2 more repeats of the second shart yesterday. It's turning out really nice. I'll try to get a nice picture soon, but I'm using a black 100% mohair yarn, so it's kinda hard to photograph before blocking.

I'm leaving you for now with a picture of my knitting spot on the couch. Somehow, every time I leave, my dog needs to settle there, no matter if she's having more then enough space. And usually, as can be seen on the picture below, she manages to get my balls of yarn rolling (though she's really great in keeping away from my yarn and knitting!).


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Your socks look great!

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Blogger griet said...


I known the shop stoffenidee because I live in Gent.


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