Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Still no pictures of actual knitting. Sorry guys. There isn't much knitting going on. Actually, right now I should be sitting on the couch knitting on the cardi for my mother. But I HATE it! Yep, I'm honest enough to admit that I really don't like the yarn (can you imagine I have 2 more full cones of it? Was I stupid or what? I should get away from textured yarns all together 'cause I don't like knitting with them. When am I going to get smarter) and it's hell to knit with it. I'm using huge needles - did I ever mention how much I hate anything up 4 mm? Ok, maybe I can handle 5 mm as well, but anything as high as 8 or 9 mm is really out of my happy range! - and it's not advancing at all. Adding that the yarn bleeds. So Yuck!

Worst of all : little me here promissed my mom her cardi would be done by the weekend! By the weekend! Hell! I have done about 10 cm. That's it! I was hoping it would go quicker with the big needles. But nope.

Oh well, I'm back to knitting something I like for another 20 min or so before I crash early tonight. I'm on the verge of getting ill, and I have a whole day of helping out at the riding school ahead of me tomorrow, so I really need to rest! Next Monday is going to be total day off FOR SURE! Nobody to get me away from that one, I swear!!!


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