Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stash addition

At the beginning of the year I decided to keep an eye on the stash and my yarn-buying. I didn't want to join a stash-along as I wouldn't make it through a week, but I've been pretty good at reducing my additions. I have no room left in the yarn room, it's filled up, so it's a good thing I'm not buying as much. I'm still buying though.

Most of the stuff I buy is at my LYS. She often has great yarn in but always at limited stock. She grabs what she can gets before it gets sold to big couturiers at Paris, but when that's gone there is no more. So basically I buy when I can.

But I've been a good girl. The nice thing is Summer is coming along and my LYS lady isn't one who likes cotton, so she has very little coming in. That's ok with me!

Here is what I got beside my LYS-buys.

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of March, I went to a craft fair in Antwerpen. It was a dissapointment, but I mainly went to pick up yarn from Klazien's Kreatie. I love her yarn!

Yarn 08/03/07 - 01

From Left to right, top to bottom :
- Shetland Wolle in white, Purple and eggplant, I have enough from all for a sweater!
- Silkwool (I have to skeins) in lavander
- Lana Grossa Cotton stretch in black and blue, a new yarn that's really nice.

I also got some Regia solids, but I now regret buying the 2 lowest skeins :

Yarn 08/03/07 - 02

I have plenty of the light blue and pink (exact same shades) in some discontinued Pinguen Yarn. I don't know what I was thinking at the fair. If you are interested in swapping, let me know! Each ball is 100gr and as you know Regia is great quality sock yarn!

2 weeks ago my sister went to Barcelona on a school trip. I had just read on Mari's blog about her trip to Barcelona and her visit to a yarn store! I thought it would be nice if my sister was able to look for that store and buy me some yarn! So she visited Persones Llanes for me! I asked her to bring back some Malabrigo Lace and LL Sheperd Sock, and this is what she brought home :

Barcelone Yarn

From left to right :
- Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sport in Periwinkle
- Malabrigo Worsted
- Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sport in Bittersweet

Pretty close for a non-knitter, ha? The Bittersweet is for her and I'm knitting Pomatomus socks out of them! They should be ready by tomorrow, but I'm still on the first sock. I keep trying though!

As you can see I'm really doing quite ok in the yarn aquirement department. I'll try to destash a few yarns again in the near future, but well, I'm addicted, so what? Better that than alcohol or drugs, right? :D



Blogger Leslie said...

what would you like to swap the two sock yarns for??

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Eva said...

Oh that Klazien's silk & wool has me very tempted... but I'm not allowed to buy yarn this month (or next) as I just bought a new laptop...

Thanks for sharing though :)

Cheers Eva

9:43 AM  

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