Friday, April 13, 2007

The perfect Red

Remember the yarn I was dyeing 2 days ago? My LYS-lady asked for a nice bright red to make felted bags out of. She buys the basic worsted yarn on cones and then I dye it for her. I had dyed basic red before, but that was cherry red (which is the primary red in the Jacquard dyes). She wanted some more "red-red". Hard to describe. I know colours, but I can't put names on them.

So anyway, there were 2 challenges. Getting the colour she wanted and dyeing my yarn evenly (a problem for me till now). So I processed my yarn in a different way and went with my instinct as for the colour. And look what I got :

red yarn

See, there's yarn growing in my plants! :D Yep, Summer is early this year! (we are having temperatures up in the 20's - and that's Celcius - which is extremely high for the time of the year!).

Anyway, turns out I mixed the colours just right and I got a way better technique for dyeing solid yarns! Not that I didn't like my nearly solids, but for this purpose it's better I have a true solid yarn!

Being at it I also overdyed some green sock yarn. It was a slightly variegated green, but not deep enough for the purpose (fair-isle with the yellow/pink yarn). So I tried making it more green :

green handdyed sock 01

Oh yeah, more yarn growing!

It's still variegated, or nearly solid, but a lot deeper then the original. It's not as bright in the picture as in reality, I just couldn't get the colour right (there's another picture, but still no right colour). But it's a lot better for the fair-isle! Can't wait to get started on that!

While outside yesterday I had a little photo-shoot with the pups. At the request of the future owners of the male pup. I got some nice pictures though it's really hard to capture them, as they are mostly either running or like this :

Groep 01

And then, all of a sudden, they are like this :

Groep 03

Yes, that are 4 pups piled up! (the 5th was begging to get in my lap). I move them inside when this happens! :D

Some individual pictures though :

Boy 07

This is - I think - the male pup. I love this picture, it's the best I got!

girl A 01 Girl B 01

These are 2 female pups, the ones we were discussing keeping (the one on the right is normal looking, she's just acting weird on the picture!!!)

The one on the left is the one we finally agreed on keeping. I really wanted the one on the right, which is the little one I saved. She's extremely active (well, compared with the other pups) but super sweet and I have a strong bond with her. I gave in though, my heart did almost brake. But I hope to find a nice home for her. The one on the left is the biggest of the females (she's easily as big as the male) and she's also super sweet. She already knows how to rule the house! This morning she was still in her nest while all the others were out, and as soon as I closed the door she came towards me. She spent the next 20min sleeping on my lap and cuddling.

I have a very strong bond with 3 of the pups. It's hard on me to see them go. This afternoon 2 of the pups have to go to the vet for a small operation. My sister is taking them and I'm so sad I can't go (I'm at work).

Well, off to get some stuff done now.

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