Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Felting a sweater

Luckily enough, a store bought sweater, but still one that was worth €70! (about US$90).

During the sales in January I decided to splurge on a few sweaters. I've taken the habit of checking the content of sweaters, and found these pretty high quantity wool (or the like) sweaters. At quite a bit off.

This morning I put one of those sweaters with 3 others through a wool-wash program in my machine. It's the first time I washed the sweater, but I've done wool sweaters on the program before and it works.

Well, for once in his life the boyfriend decided to do some laundry at noon (blame it on the pups) and he put the load from the washer in the dryer! Somehow the thought flashed through my head in the morning but I silenced it by thinking "he has never done anything like that before". Well, wrong me.

I saw it this evening. I panicked. I got really mad! The sweater shrunk. It felted!!! It's not 100%wool, but the percentage in the sweater felted, and the sleeves now come half way to my forearms. :'( The other sweaters were either superwash or not enough wool, they made it just fine.

But the sweet brown sweater with the hood which I've been wearing like crazy the past 2 months, will now never fit me again! I plan on trying a bit tweaking, but it's still to cry for.

Then again, good thing it wasn't a handknit! Boyfriend did suggest to rip the sweater and knit it over! Sounded nice enough, but it's a cut storebought sweater, so no ripping.

I was really angry at the boyfriend though he did it to do good. What I hate is that I've been trying to explain him about laundry and the machine and such and he won't listen! He said things like "you shouldn't wash things then" (I need to do laundry, right?), and "You should have put it in the dryer then" (first, it can't go in the dryer, and secondly, I put it in the machine before leaving for work, so it wasn't done yet). Oh well, I'll forgive him in the end. I'll take his bankcard going to the city tomorrow! :D

I have more to write but I'm exhaused and a bit depressed/negative these days. I'll try to update tomorrow though.


Blogger Angelika said...

Get even and buy yourself another new favorite sweater and enjoy it. Maybe you should throw the famous red sock in with his tidy whiteys next time?

3:00 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Maybe you could felt it completely and make a bag out of it. Then you would have a new favorite sweater/bag? Sorry it was ruined. Cheer up and buy some yarn or something lol.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Amy Boogie said...

the felted sweater by the man has happened many times at our house. not that I still don't get angry each and every time.

Those puppies are absolutely adorable.

12:47 AM  

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