Friday, March 02, 2007

The car and me ... ??

I'm starting to think that I am not meant to ride this car, or any car for what it's worth. I've been in a complicated annoying accident today. That will be the 3rd one in less then a year!!!

I went to the city today, in a totally good mood and feeling full of energy, for some shopping and time at my LYS. I arrived there and parked the car in a busy street. While parking I was hit at the side by a bus (Public transportation that is). I was in line with the pavement and thus no longer on the street, though driving backwards towards the actual spot (I was still on a zebra-cross-thing, where you can't park, but no longer on the street --> very important!). The bus hit my side badly and my front bumper was thrown off. It was a heck of a noice! I was so scared!

Now I'm ok and I do drive an old car so the damage is bad but not a drama. The big, huge issue is that if you are involved in an accident with public transportation here in Belgium - and there is nobody injured - you are most likely to be found guilty (99% chance), no matter what. The public transportation here somehow got a free card as for accidents. They always find a way to make it your fault.

So the moment I felt/heard/saw the bus hit me I knew it was a big mess. When I got out of the car and saw the damage I flipped, but mostly because I knew what would happen and for once I was 100% sure I hadn't made a single mistake and I wasn't at fault here.

A police car stopped immidiately, but the nice cop informed me he was not allowed to interfeare with the public transportation (if there's only material damage) as they have their own people. For once I was smart enough to get the police involved (if the car hadn't passed by I would have called them) and it was to no use.

So basically my boyfriend is very annoyed with me, though he knows I can't change this. I didn't do anything wrong at all!! I might not have been standing completely still - when your car isn't moving you are never at fault, hitting a car that's standing still is always the hitters fault - but there is nobody to proove that (I was hardly moving as I was just checking if I wasn't hitting the side walk).

I might have a little chance as the person from the public transportation service wrote on the paper that "the car was hit" (my car that is) and well, the Dutch translation leaves no room there as it actually does mean my car was hit, I didn't hit the other car. I don't know what will happen now, but I'm stressed really.

I don't think I ever mentionned the other 2 times. The first time - I don't even remember when that was - I was on a 2 lane street and in a difficult bend a small truck hit me. It happened on the line between the lanes, so it was hard to tell who was in fault. The workmen in the truck asked not to call the police as they had just picked up the truck and were still missing a few papers. I didn't - boyfriend had agreed - but afterwards they asked for a complete replacement of their bumper (only scratches) and put all the blame on me, while my car was hit at the door and so on.

The second time was just after Christmas. I don't remember hitting anyone at all but I supposedly hit another car (with my front, his side) and just drove off. That's of course a big thing, it will put a huge blame on my card. But I would never leave the scene of an accident. I didn't feel or hear anything (I don't have a radio in my car) and there was no damage on my car. No news on that one yet, it still has to go to the judge and all. It's a criminal case, imagine!!

So basically, is someone trying to tell me something? I'm so carefull these days! Boyfriend just said it might be better if we keep this car instead of buying a new one as we are planning. Well, what happened today WASN'T MY FAULT and it might all change with a new car, right? Maybe this one is cursed?

PS.: Nothing knitting related, sorry, I hardly held my needles. Thanks for the nice words on the pups! they are doing ok and Esna is getting used to it all! And I'm finally getting some sleep again!


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