Monday, February 26, 2007

Some FOs to show!

I'm home on sick leave again. :( Not fun. I hate being ill so often. 2007 doesn't seem to be pretty good healthwise. I still need to see the specialist about my hips and knee, but I'm scared. Well, I'll try to call tomorrow.

Anyway, when I went back to work after the breack for my hips I immidiately was blessed with an awful could, kindly given to me by one of the kids. It seems like not many kids are kept at home these days when they are ill and so the germs are freely flying around at my workplace. We see all kinds of kids so also all kinds of germs! (Me believes that in one classroom the germs are limited ...). Now it has been over 4 weeks and I hadn't recovered at all. I was dead tired from not sleeping well and my nose kept being shut. Plus I have been having big headaches. Friday I totally collapsed and even a weekend of relatively doing nothing didn't help. So I'm now on a bunch of meds. I am going to relax though!!!

No news on the dog front. She's supposed to have her pups today but she might hold them in a couple more days, as usual with smaller litters. Pff, I'm so nervous!

ok, I did manage to finish up a few things the last week, so here are the FO's!

First of all, finished early this week :

Anemoi Mittens

Pattern : Annemoi Mittens by Eunny Yang
Yarn : Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply in pink and brown
Needles: 2.5mm for cuff, 2.75mm for the rest
Started/finished : February 1st till February 20th, yay!!

I love these, they are lovely! The yarn is a bit to texturous for pattern but I still like it. I don't think I'll be able to wear them though as we seem to have landed in Spring over here :(.

Secondly, something that has been on the needles forever :

Bolero Jacket

Pattern : Bolero from Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas
Yarn : Textiles De La Marque Soyeuse (60%wool, 40%silk) in black
Needles : 3.25mm and 3.75 mm, addi turbos
Started/Finished : I don't remember at all when I started it, but I finished it on Sunday (Febr. 27th, 2007).

I liked knitting this and the yarn is great though very splitty. I hope to have a modelled shot soon. I does feel like a bit big at the body, but that was before the blocking.

Lastly, I also finished this one :

Kureyon Scarf version 2

Pattern : Saartje Knits
Yarn : Noro Kureyon #159 2 balls
Needles : 4mm inox circ
Started/finished : no idea when started, finished this weekend (I think febr. 24)

This is going to be gifted to my friend if she likes it, the colours are a bit to bright for me!

I did start a few new projects. A lace scarf for my LYS, socks for the bf (who has been asking for a sweater but I'm refusing that one! :D) and I swatched for Glee from ZephyrStyle. I'm using yarn from Klaziens Kreatie (Shetland wolle) and I'm going to make a long sleeved version. I just don't know why I like this design so much, probably the simplicity. I don't have that body though so I hope it'll look ok on me.

Speaking about body, I'm trying to loose some weight. I might not do much this week, but I did start rope skipping at home and doing sit-ups and such, and I'm watching what I'm eating. I do need to loose 5kg, if possible even more. I just keep eating all the time and that's just not good!

More to tell about in the near future, but it's off to my knitting now!


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