Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Me needs sleep!

I would really LOVE to get some sleep right now. So why am I not going to bed now (is "ain't" correct in this sentence? After just reading Stephanie's post one would be scared to make spelling mistakes, even though I'm not a native English speaker - I'm a perfectionist - and not many people actually do read this blog) is simple : the dog still hasn't gotten her pups and so I have to stay awake. Well, If I don't she'll make sure I don't get much sleep. So I promissed the bf I would sleep on the couch as otherwise his nightrest is not so well either. Ok, that sentence really does sound weird (I'm getting paranoid here).

Anyway, I am hoping the doggie will decide on having her pups some time soonish, 'cause I can't take it much longer. I'm on sick leave for being over-exhausted and guess what ,I'm still not sleeping. :( I'm nervous about the whole thing taking so long too, and I'm a bit sad that more and more it's showing we will probably only have one or 2 pups (the longer it takes for a dog to give birth the smaller the litter, or so they told me).

Speaking about sick leave, I think I really, really don't like the new doctor I'm going to now. For a couple of reasons. I was already annoyed with him yesterday as he treated me less then friendly. Then he gave me medicine that kills me. One has a side-effect of giving you a "heavy/full stomach feeling" and the other one - which was supposed to make me tired - as the side effect to keep people up and I have both side effects. The stomach isn't fun at all, though it might help my diet. It does avoid me from doing sports though, it feels like I actually have that brick in my stomach (popular saying to name a Belgian person, as all Belgians like to own their own brick house! - which is ok as those bricks provide my yarn :D). The sleep thing, I'm not sure if it's the medicine or the dog. No clue when I'll find out either.

Different subject, back to the spelling thing. At work there's this annoying mother of a kid that keeps correcting my French (not good, need to improve a lot). Ok, I need to learn so the correcting isn't that bad, but it's the way she does it. She by the way is taking Dutch classes but only uses French to communicate with us.

But now, maybe knitting? I'm making good progress on Glee which is ok, but not so ok either. I really needed a breack from all the more complicated knitting I was doing. I'm doing fair isle, cables and lace (luckily all in different probjects) and I missed that easy stockinette project. For that "easy" part, but also to be able to watch something on tv! Though I do "watch tv" when I'm knitting I usually don't manage to actually watch and just listen. Often that's enough, but when there's a new episode of one of the programs I like I prefer something simple! Now if I keep going the way I am going I might be done with this soon. Not to bad, I think it's going to be a nice sweater to wear!

I'm also spinning again. I wanted to do that for a while now but never got anything started. I have a ton of roving in my stash but it's hard the choose. I'm afraid of messing up certain rovings. But again, I do need the practice or I won't get any better!!! :D I did try to find some Merino/tencel blend and Merino/mohair blend, undyed. Not easy for me, as with living oversea and all. I can get a lot of rovings in the UK, but not these blends I'm afraid.

Speaking of blends, I'm going to try my hand on blending with the carder once again. I'm not good at it, all my batts are far from ok. I could use some help, but again, my situation of living here isn't that great. I can card wool just fine, it's just the blending part that doesn't work that well. I'm going to try blending merino and mohair, 50/50. But mostly dark purples/black, so I can put the whole thing through a few times without messing up the colour.

Yep, I dyed again today. I'm really addicted to dyeing! I whish I could do more with it. Anyway, I never seem to be able to stop after what I wanted to do, so after dyeing the merino, mohair and some merino/silk roving, I als painted to skeins of superwash merino sock yarn and a skein of wool for Calorimetry . Lets hope it turns out ok, it was dark by the time I finished so I'll see the result tomorrow!

I think I'm going to spin some more!

** See what happens when I'm tired? I ramble and write complete nonsence! Sorry guys! Please don't run away, those few still out there! :D Just kidding **


Anonymous Beck said...

We are not going to run away silly. I'm sorry you still aren't sleeping though.

Any pups yet?h

2:19 AM  

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