Friday, March 31, 2006

"To do"-list finally getting shorter!

Just a quick post here, no pictures, I'll post those tomorrow.

Anyway, my "To do"-list is finally getting shorter and the end is in sight! Well, these are mostly knits I have to do and don't really enjoy doing. Well, not enjoying is much said, but there are so many projects I want to tackle and I'm honestly getting a bit tired to knit for people who don't really appreciate it. I want to try other stuff and I'm honestly a bit egocentrical and want to start knitting for myself! I mean, I love the actualy knitting, but then in the end I have seen so many things I would like to try for myself. The list is growing endless!

Anyway, here is the list :

- felted bag for LYS --> DONE, knitted and felted tonight and it turned out great!
- lace scarf for LYS --> almost done though I stepped away from the lace thing, more tomorrow
- gloves for LYS (not started yet)
- cardigan for mom (started twice, ripped twice, nothing on the needles right now)
- fingerless gloves for friend of mom (recently added, not started yet)
- socks for sisters (none started yet, but not really dreading this one)
- socks for uncle (started)

I hope this is it for a while! Luckily it's almost Spring so I'm quite sure I won't be getting much more requests unless it's for felted bags. We'll see.

I purchased the pattern for the Deep V Argyle Vest from Eunny today. Of course I was stupid and got the yarn first. Then I printed the pattern and started reading. Turns out you can't use superwash for this vest and guess what I bougth? Yeah, right, superwash. So I'm hoping to get my hands on some nice Rowan or something similar tomorrow, 'cause I really want to start this, as a pre-sweater knitting thing. Yep, don't think I'm not knitting through the Summer. First of all I'm always cold and never go without a good sweater (or similar, like a wrap), especially if I have to go somewhere in the evening. The weather here in Belgium is so unpredictable. Anyway, this one keeps on knitting!

Oh, and I seem to be dealing with my first knitting injury, bit like RSI! Well, knitting RSI. It's the second time this week I'm feeling this. Numness in my right hand ring finger. I get it when I'm knitting with my left hand for a long time. I don't know how, but I get it. Luckily it still passes, but should I start worrying?? I'm happy I can knit both continental and english style so at least I have possibilities!

I've been up and down all day, I think both my blood pressure and head, both probably related to stress. So I should be getting to bed NOW!


Blogger trek said...

When I knit on small dpns for a long time, my right pinkie cramps.

3:41 PM  

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