Friday, June 17, 2005

Got my first surprise!!!

First, a little personal message :


Dear SP5,

I got your first package in the mail today, thank you so much!!!!! It was such a nice treat! I went through it all very slowly, like I always do, to really enjoy everything inside. I love the scarf you made me! It's unbelievable I actually owe a Branching Out scarf! I was going to make one myself, but I don't have to 'cause this one is gorgious! Well, I will make one, for my mother or so. But thank you so much! I also love the little notepad and the Tapestry needles with the little holder, really can use those!

Again, thank you so much! You are a lovely SP and I already adore you as the scarf was so wonderfully knitted!

Lots of Love!


I will be posting pictures tomorrow but it's dark and cloudy now so the pictures wouldn't do justice anyway!

As told I got my lovely books and dyes yesterday at my moms. I'm really happy with them though I had hoped to have more sock patterns in the Twisted Sisters book. But I love it nonetheless and I can't wait to start dyeing wool. I hate the fact that it's virtually impossible to get rovings over here. Actually, I just don't have wool to dye right now. And I wish shipping over here wouldn't be so expensive.

I now want to order either the Socks Socks Socks book or the Knitting on the Road book, but on the other hand I'm afraid I will buy something my SP might send me. Oh, please, dear SP, you really don't need to send me books, but well, you know, I don't want to buy a book twice! But I will be ordering one of these next Tuesday. Along with the Folk Socks book. And some other - non-knitting related - books. I need to order these at a special book store and they get the books in the states. So that saves me money. I also want that book written by the Yarn Harlot , I think Amazon UK carried it. I'm not sure though.

That being said, I didn't do much knitting today. I did finish the first Chutes 'n Ladders sock yesterday and will start the second one tonight. I also got my fabulour yarn from Hello Yarn yesterday. She's so fast with shipping! I'm loving it and my sister is loving it too so I'll be starting her socks soon too. Plus I love the colourway I got for myself, as expected I'm in love with it! I had been drooling over that yarn for weeks but had put myself on a diet. The diet I'm on again but won't keep for long. Well, I think I won't be getting much yarn online during the Summer. I need to knit up what I have and save money for other things. Like I know I have a few heavy bills coming at the end of August - like my medical insurance - so I should save up for that.

Speaking about Summer, it has been hot and humid today. Temperatures are going to rize during the weekend so I'm going to get some knitting done tonight while it's still quite fresh. Well, not that I was so hot. Last night most people were sweathing to death and little me here was having frozen feet. I slept with the blanket pulled up and warming my feet at my boyfriend who is a more normal person and was way to hot! Oh well, we'll see.

I will be dyeing yarn for sure. I wanted to order some mohair online with a girl to mix up with the alpaca so I could dye it and spin it. I want the alpaca to be more sturdy then they say it is without anything added. And I don't think I'll be able to get mohair roving over here. But the girl isn't getting back to me so I'm guessing she doesn't want to ship oversea. I'm going to contact this lady in the neighbourhood to ask is she has mohair. We'll see.

I might be giving my boyfriend some hints about a possible birthday gift for me. He was kidding me about getting me a sheep. We can't keep a sheep, but an angora rabbit would be nice! Or 2 maybe! :D Angora is just wonderfull to spin, I know 'cause I tried it a little bit! :D

Ok, that being said I'm going to update my LJ and then it's knitting for me! More to follow over the weekend, including pictures!


Blogger blueadt said...

I know that Margie @ Moondance Wools has 'Knitting on the Road' as I looked at it last month when I visited her shop. She'll be quicker & probably cheaper than buying from the States. She's got a lot of American books & also some US yarn & US yarn weights which really confused me.

10:53 PM  
Blogger blueadt said...

Hi Emily

I'm posting this on both blogs so that you see it.

Margie has a LOT of stock that's not on her website. Send her an email & she'll get back to you with a list if you ask. I can totally recommend her & she's got books that I'd never seen before!

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you liked your package! More to follow soon.. Secret Pal :-)

10:25 PM  

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