Monday, June 13, 2005

I was going to do art tonight, but my mom just called me that my sister was admitted to the hospital. We were aware she would have to go in. She was having some problem with her buttom (sp? you know, but butt) and as it wasn't healing through antibiotics she would have to have surgery. Now after her last exam this morning they went to the ER and she was admitted and gone for surgery immidiately. She's awake now, I called her, but she's facing a 1 to 2 months recovery and another surgery then. That all for a little thingie in her buttom. You can't be carefull enough.

Someone today told me that in Canada you have free medical care but you have to have a family doctor and there are huge waiting lists for those. We do have family doctors over here, but apparently not all are that well as my mom - a nurse herself - heard the nurses saying something that told us that the doctor made a huge mistake in this case thus making it worse. So far for good medical care (why o why do we keep having such bad experiences with medical care?).

On the knitting front, did get quite a bit done on Clapotis this weekend, and on the sock for the six-sock-knitalong. Will be posting those pics tomorrow. I'm now off to bed myself to get a bit of knitting done before I start dreaming!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, sounds like your family have been having a rough time. I do hope your sister feels better soon. Can't wait to see the latest pics! Secret Pal, :-)

11:21 PM  
Blogger blueadt said...

I hope she makes a quick & relatively painfree recovery.

11:42 PM  

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