Thursday, June 09, 2005

Self striping socks

I finished my first self striping sock today! :D (at work, but who cares?) Remember the self striping sock yarn I died with Kool-Aid? This is how it turned out :

I decided to use a different colour for the heel and toes as I died only 50grams of sock yarn and that's like 20 grams to little for socks for my feet (yeah, I don't need 100 grams). I really like how this yarn turned out. I can hardly believe it was my first time dyeing yarn and I did stripes! I hope now I'll have enough for the second sock. Luckily I don't mind knitting the second sock, I even find them easier then the first. Somehow it feels like it goes quicker.

On a sidenote, when I learned how to knit I started knitting with my left hand. Now I know that's continental knitting, but till about 3 months ago I was under the impression I did it totally wrong. Over here only the English method is learned, as far as I know I have never seen someone knitting the continental way. So I was surprised to learn my way wasn't "bad" and I always managed to knit quicker then people around me, so now I know why (continental is said to be quicker ...). Anyway, with this sock I'm trying to purl continental as well as I think it'll go faster, but I'm not good at it yet so I'm considering this my "try-out-sock"!

More during the weekend ...


Anonymous Rox said...

WOW - you dyed that with KoolAide? Love it!!

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours; what a fab sock! Hope you have enough for the other one too. Secret Pal :-)

11:22 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...

Can't find an email address for you so thought I would post a reply here. Thanks for comments on my blog (Sockladyspins) about the white socks. They were knit from my own handspun with patterns I just kind of unvented as I went along. Nothing was ever written down and I am sorry now that I didn't.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Nederlass said...

Woah! That's so cool. I now have tons of KoolAid that was donated by my SP and a friendly Knittyboard member. Now all I need is some natural yarn. ;)

How'd you get it to stripe like that?


5:27 PM  

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