Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Happy and The Sad

First the happy. My mom called tonight (not with happy news though, all about the problems with my father) but at the end she told me a package had arrived today for me. I was like, hmm, what package? I haven't ordered anything to arrive at her home, did I? Well, her name is on all the payings as I use her Visa but I always state very clearly things have to be delivered over here. Not that it's bad it's delivered over there, but if they have to pay I don't like it. They had for this package, about €25. My sister was home, luckily. Anyway, I asked her over the phone to open the package and guess what? Oh yeah, finally my books and Jacquard Acid dyes made it! Can you imagine? I think it's about 5 weeks now since they were sent. I was so happy I could have jumped in my car to get them! I'm most excited about the books. Oh well, I'll drive over there after work tomorrow to get everything. Can't imagine I have to wait so long though.

Another happy thing is that I got a freshly shaved fleece today. From a regular sheep, but that's ok. It's of course filled with dirt and parts I can't use, but I'm sure I can get some nice stuff out of it. Plus I'm going to get one more fleece tomorrow. Same quality. It's ok, it's mostly practice fleece and I'll get nice stuff in the near future.

Sad thing? Well, boyfriend just told me that if I wanted to knit tonight I had to stay downstairs. I love my hour of knitting in my bed every evening. It's so relaxing and nice only having to put the knitting down and fall asleep. So now I'm banned from the bed. :'( It makes me sad and angry at the same time. Like he lets me sleep quietly. We have a small bad and he's a hectic sleeped (I'm really quiet, I hardly move, if I get into a new made bed the sheets will have hardly moved by the morning). He likes to push me to the edge of my bed, throw body parts on me, give me elbow punches. Need to know more? He snores! Loud! But I do too, or so he sais.

I'm also a lousy secret pal. I still haven't mailed out my first package! I should get started on it. I was going to do it tonight, but after cooking 3 different soups (boyfriend is on a soup diet and I want to have some in the freezer 'cause sometimes I just don't feel like cooking soup) and doing a bunch of papers (we have to give in our taxes, but I haven't even gathered everything, good thing the state decided to give us 2 more months as they changed the tax forms completely and almost everybody is having a hard time with them - oh, I'm not filling out my tax form myself, the account-person of my boyfriends business is doing it for me :D) I'm just not having the energy. Like I don't have the energy right now to do art while I have plenty of ideas. I did some yesterday and I'm pleased! Seems like my creativity is coming back to me! Only 2 more weeks of work left and more time for art!

Oh, we might go on a holiday anyway this Summer. That's what boyfriend told this weekend with the inlaws. Well, we might just go to Spain. I was hoping for a further trip, but I should be happy with whatever I'm getting ,right?

Ok, I'm going to take a shower and get my knitting downstairs and watch some tele. I'm lazy ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with using those dyes.
Maybe your boyfriend wants to be the focus of your attention in bed instead of your knitting? I don't think I could knit in bed - I'd never sleep! :-) Secret Pal.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

Banned from the bed, ha? Happened to me. And guess who did repleaced me? Giant stuffed mouse! That is life!!!!!

ANd question:what do you do with all that socks? Is it addictive (knitting socks)?

7:20 AM  

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