Monday, June 06, 2005

Awful evening

It's that day of the month again and when I came home from work I started having huge cramps. I find it hard to sit on a chair really, so I'm off to bed early tonight, with a hot bag of pits, and some knitting.

Still no sign of my package with books, I'm officially giving up now, it's probably lost or returned.

I just placed a big order for Addi circulars. I like my 2mm and wanted some other sizes for socks. Luckily it takes those orders only a couple of days, so hopefully I'll have them by the end of the week.

Tomorrow I'm off to my LYS (or at least my fave one at the big city, 30min from here) to get some stash for my SP5 and some stuff for myself - again! I'm looking forward to that!

Back to sock knitting ...


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