Saturday, July 31, 2010


Guess you can all figure out how this sweater turned out as I'm already posting about it! *grin* When I returned from the hairdresser the dryer cycle had just ended and when I pulled it out I was super excited. The sweater actually did fit!


Pattern : Raspy by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn : Rowan Denim
Needles : 4mm
Modifications : made the sleeves longer
Started : no idea, years ago!
Finished : July 30, 2010
IntSweMoDo2010 sweater #3
I don't like the shaping of the sleeves, I think I would have done them more straight to the bottom, but over all this is a perfect sweater to throw over around the house and the lounge in (thinking about doing that today as it's cloudy and rather cold outside). I think this sweater will get softer with wearing and washing, so I imagine it'll only get better.


If you look up close you can see that the seaming is far from good. Nothing matched up, not even the sleeves. Might be me of course, either my sewing or the knitting, 'cause especially with the sleeves there shouldn't be a problem in matching them. I don't mind the sewing (I love cross stitch and I love this) but somehow I never manage to get it done nicely. More practice maybe? I don't know, but it only makes me more in favour of seamless knitting. :D I'll do some cross stitch if I want to sew!

I also took pictures of some of the shawls and scarfs I knitted, but I'm going to safe those for a later post. Might be tomorrow. I'm aiming for a post a week in the future, but it might not be only about knitting and spinning. I really want to pick up on some of my older "loves" again as well so there might be some art on here as well. I don't imagine I have many readers, but if anyone doesn't want to see any art (only knitting and spinning) you can comment.


Blogger Sandra said...

Though I adore knitting, but somehow I totally hate seaming! I am trying to skip it as much as I can (like topdown knitting.
Love the coloure of the sweater and really don't think it is good for around the house - wear it proudly in public, Em

7:34 PM  

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