Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Feels like Autumn!

I know it's still mid-Summer and Autumn is still at least 2 months away, but once we are August I start counting down. It's rather easy if you have weather like we are having today. It's cloudy, rainy and only about 19°C. It's perfect weather to stay inside and read, knit, do art, ... . Just lounge with some good music on. But I'm at work right now. It's still silent here so I have a bit more time to relax though I have plenty of work to get done today!

I have some yarn finished, but still need to take the pictures. Yesterday there was still quite a bit of sun in the morning, but by the time I was home it was pitch black and raining outside. It'll be cloudy for 2 more days but if I do get some better light at home I'll take the pictures!

I do have 2 shawls I knitted during my trip to share. Both are actually the same pattern and I totally fell in love with it! If I find the time tomorrow or during the weekend I need to dive the stash to find yarn for at least one more of these! I'm sure I'll get a ton of wear out of them during the coming Fall (I often wear them in the evenings now) and it's a great way to show of some of those fabulous sock yarns I have in my stash!

Blue Azzu

Pattern : Azzu's shawl by Emma Fassio (Ravelry link, but the designer has the pattern on her blog too!)
Yarn : 100% silk yarn (no brand of course)
Needles : 5mm

I should have used bigger needles on this one to get more drape. But I'm quite happy with how it turned out and it will get worn during Summer! I love the colour. Might make one more of this out of darker blue, but then with bigger needles for sure!
Hanami Azzu

Pattern : Azzu's shawl by Emma Fassio
Yarn : Sheepaints Fairy Feet in Hanami
Needles : 4.5mm

I actually like the yarn quite a bit! It's very drapy and has a lovely sheen to it! I used bigger needles then with my first Azzu shawl (then I used 4mm) as I hope the shawl would be slightly bigger and it is. I used almost all the yarn this time and I'm quite in love! The colours are great.

As I said I love this pattern. You can drape it as a scarf around your neck (like the one above) or over you shoulders, like the silk one. I especially love to wear it like a scarf and that's why I want to knit more of them!

One of the neatest features on Ravelry (in my opinion) is the Friends Activity tab! It's often through this that I discover new designs, new designers and just new friends who knit inspiring things! Recently I came across this lady, Veera Välimäki (Ravelry link). She has a great blog were she not only has some great patterns but also shows of her lovely knitting! Most of what she did lately are her own designs, and I do hope she writes patterns for all of them! She usually knits with quite tiny yarn (or at least right now during Summer) and that's something I love too. I've fallen totally in love with this tunic. It's knit out of sportweight/Fingering weight yarn on 3mm needles. Even though I know it'll probably take me years to finish I do feel like searching the stash for yarn to start this! If I could do magic I would knit it up in a month and would probably get a ton of wear out of it coming Autumn and Winter. I'm so often so cold that I layer, and the more layers that are wool, the better I guess! :D Anyway, I do think I'll look in the stash to see if I have enough of a good yarn to knit this! I would rather not buy any yarn at the moment if not needed, so we'll see.

Back soon with spinning or more knitting!


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